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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Homeland Official Clueless about Underwear Bomber

I saw this little nugget at infowars, I think. But it is really comedic for those of us in the know regarding the Underwear Bomber Theater that occurred, what, three years ago now? You've got this Homeland Security offiical on C-Span taking calls. About six callers call in and ask him about what Kurt Haskell and other witnessess saw that day regarding the official agent, from whose agency we know not, shoving old Umar on that plane without a visa. Poor McCarter says he's never heard anything about it. Then this one guy calls in and says that he's disabled, implying he doesn't get out much, and he'd heard about. Then, towards the end, this one dude calls in and brings up the Undersecretary of State Patrick Kennedy testified in a Congressional hearing that Umar was allowed to get on that plane as apart of a larger operation that he couldn't talk about. Again, Micky McCarter is clueless. My old Congressman, Jimmy Duncan said on the floor that former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff stood to make a pretty penny off these scanners. That's one thing in this interview I found interesting is that Micky McCarter admitted that there was a plan all along to use these body scanners under Bush. I guess they were just waiting for the right crisis. Read about how the money was made and the whole deal on my piece at the Classic Liberal, The Skivvy on Naked Body Scanners.

I guess I get a kick out of it because with each sip of his coffee cup, you can see his mind go "oh crap"!

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