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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Charlotte Iserbyt on Agenda 21

As some of you know, I'm a real Charlotte fan. Her work The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America is a tremendous tool to convince any doubter about the larger Communist conspiracy in this country. Newsflash: it didn't start with Obama, he's just one of their employees. Anyway, I wanted to share this tremendous interview with Charlotte where I've never seen her so fired up!

The schools system will be federalized, including the private schools. When a conservative talks up school choice, know right here and now that that issue has been co-opted by the communists by the conservatives, yes conservatives. Charlotte has some words to speak about the "conservative" organizations like Heritage. She blames them more than liberals for the Communism we see in America. Why? Because no one suspected them and on some level, these people knowingly go along to get along.

Also discussed is the deliberate take-down of the family, the Reece Committee, get involved locally, be on the lookout for Agenda 21 in your community. Also, get informed and pass it along. These one-worlder totalitarian types were hoping to take us out in the '70s she said, but some brave patriots fought for our right to be communicating right here and now. She also said that Ron Paul is the only candidate who can save our country.

If you haven't looked into some of the series on my blog, you really ought to check them out. Notice that I don't advertise, I don't make any money with this blog, I just want to do my part to alert people who love the Constitution and America as founded as to what is going on. So if you search it out somewhere else, that's ok too. Here are some entry points:

The Establishment: Naming Names and Tracing Their Roots
The Subversion Process
Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution
Wall Street and FDR

So here is the interview, chock full of real information - I highly recommend it.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


  1. The whole faith based initiative that began to be pushed under Bush is a nightmare. People need to begin to demand that their churches reject all federal funds. I would much rather have a poor independent church than a nice building with strings attached.

    1. I love how she mentions Rick Warren and his Marketing 101 churches. These things are like the Borg Collectives of churches. First, they'll start comparing people to hamburgers and get obsessed over how many people "they're running". It's all to consolidate power over the churches. I'll remind everyone that Richard Land of the SBC is CFR.

  2. One thing about when Newt was here. He made a point of saying that he would dump Agenda 21. That really surprised me since none of the candidates usually speak about this at all.

    1. Yeah, you'd think UN regulation of all land and resources might slightly interest, um, EVERYONE!

      That means he's moving his pandering language to those Republicans who are becoming "awake" to the UN takeover of resources. Remember that the treaty that got us into it was back in 1992 in Rio pushed by Bush Sr. Newt pushed NAFTA and GATT, which set up the framework for the good ol' North American Union stuff, which will segway into international regs kicking people off their land. Newt is a Rockefeller Republican who will say ANYTHING to make you think he's one of the people. He was an absolute master of this in the 90s. Fool me once and all like that.

      Ron Paul speaks out on Agenda 21 at this meeting back last August:
      He's also written plenty about the loss of national sovereignty to the UN.
      I know that on the Daily Paul, Agenda 21 is an almost daily topic.


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