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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Postcards from the Edge

Copied from the Woodrow Wilson paper available online:

on board the
May 26.Dear Governor:
I believe I told you that Mr. Paul Warburg had been in conference with Senator Owen and Mr. Untermeyer. I inclose you his answer to their argument in favor of the issuance of currency by the Government. His reasons seem to me to be conclusive. Why venture along uncertain paths when a well known road can be used? For a moment before I left I thought, perhaps, a compromise might be considered, but I doubt whether it would be safe to conceed the least which they would be willing to accept. The situation is a difficult one and I am sorry that I am not near to lend what help I might.
Your very faithful,E. M. House

A picture of the ship, the R.M.S. Mauretania, appears to the left of the letterhead on the first page.
The number 465 is handwritten and circled in the left margin, just below the salutation.
“[1913]” is handwritten in the upper right corner of the first page; “1913” is lightly handwritten and circled to the right of the date.
The number 52366 is stamped in the lower left corner of the first page.
What appears to be a shorthand symbol is handwritten above the letterhead; a word or abbreviation that looks like “eng” appears below the date.
ALS; Wilson Papers, Library of Congress. Link to original postcard here


Let's take this communique and dissect it. I love to dissect things: sentences, animals, messages from un-elected men who hold creepy influence over "elected" officials, etc.
This is a postcard from our ol' pal, Col. House to Woodrow Wilson, whom he called Governor in the year 1913. He's telling President Wilson of a meeting between Paul Warburg, who's really the father of the Fed and Senator Owen of Oklahoma and Samuel Untermyer, well reknown lawyer for our pals the bankster types.

It's May 1913, and the Federal Reserve Act doesn't get passed until Christmas break. So what is going on with it during the month of May that Ed House would be calling it a difficult situation?  The argument was over the original Aldrich vision of a central bank vs. the Federal Reserve System. Under the Aldrich Plan, the banks issued the currency and under the newer plan, the government issued the money. If your definition of government is the president appointing a man every 14 years to do the bidding of unseen monied interests.   So there was some conflict in getting the Federal Reserve Act passed just the right way. The Elite, as Col. House would be most definietly classified,  would be very nervous about getting this just right. It's not everyday you get to hijack a huge country's money supply, thus you wouldn't want any loose ends hanging out there.

For the record, Samuel Untermyer was the lawyer who was the special counsel to the Pujo Committee, which investigated the money trust. Of course it would seem in any committee that investigates our pals the Elites, they always have one of their boys there to "guide" the conversation. Samuel Untermyer was such a person. The Pujo Committee concluded that something needed to be done about the money trust, or the intense interlock between the board directors of all these corporations, which is something I routinely point out in our day. Of course our friends the Elite are there with their hands on the political mechanism to give themselves the desired outcome to this "problem." Not everyone who helped get the Federal Reserve Act passed was a horrible villain, understand. It's easy for us to look back and see how everyone was being played, but not so simple if you were a regular Senator or Congressman who assumed that everyone was like yourself --- at least you loved country no matter your other faults.
So for your consideration, just a snapshot of American history for you to consider and glean what you might.


  1. I don't know who the politicians of the day were in terms of intelligence, but look at what we have today. oblabber who never worked an honest day in his life. biden who is clearly a clownish idiot, and until recently, a Speaker Of The House with the brain of a headless hammer. Or a mouse if you prefer rhyming.

    I suspect that a 1913 Congress wasn't like a Mensa meeting.

    1. Empty suits are paid for their ability to do what they're "supposed to" depending on who is greasing their wheels. They only understand the immediate gratification of doing the bidding of the money/debt machine that gives them more power.

      To discuss the long-term consequences hardly interests them. If they were smart enough to put together the huge cookbook being pasted around the American people, the big money never would have kept financing their campaigns.

  2. It makes you wonder what kind of nefarious legislation is being hammered out as we speak, months in advance.

    1. Of course there is. And remember that legislators draft relatively little of the legislation they sponsor. Their campaign donors write most of it.

  3. I am always greatful for the great research you do, rM. You give a bit of crediblity to tin-hatters like myself. Thank you.

  4. They have a plan-state their plan-and follow through - no matter how long it takes-
    When are We going to coalesce-1)write a plan - 2)state our plan - and #)follow through no matter how long it takes!?!!

  5. Thanks for the kind words, everyone. I might add that you could go to the Wilson papers and see what nuggets you can find to expound upon. It's like panning for gold, once you know the cast of characters and what to look for.

    Our plan should consist of holding fast to our Constitution, no matter what swarmy bought-off laws these crooks pass. Be confident in what is right and being educated in what is going on around us.

    I remember in one Charlotte Iserbyt interview that she said that the Establishment school board director said that she was the only one on the school board he respected. Why? Because she was the only one who knew what was going on and what the ballgame was about. Like JT Gatto says, genius is common-that's why they invented the school system to suppress it.


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