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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Truth Hurts

(warning: a rant-like post wherein I don't backlink )

Just to post some of my casual observations about what is going on. I can't help but notice that many bloggers don't take advantage of the resources of the internet to learn anything new, but seem to just grab what's on the news cycle and comment on it. Meanwhile, many conservative bloggers mock about how bias the mainstream media is all the while spending their time posting on what this same media is determining as newsworthy. In this way, the mainstream media is controlling the narrative of a good section of the blogosphere.

I am finding myself on a real voyage of discovery through the forgotten tomes of the progressive years of yore. It's so exciting I can't understand why everyone isn't retro-blogging the last 100 years. It makes everything make sense. However, it can at the same time be very painful.

When I started to wonder what in the world was our military doing overseas, I started to do my own research. The conservative narrative that I had so dutifully memorized did not pass my Founder's test. That's where I test my knowledge of current events by pretending to explain this to one of the Signers of the Declaration. If I can't, then I consider myself uninformed and set out to read up on it. I came to that point with the Iraq war stuff, after a few years of getting mad at the media for being so hostile to "the mission." I really believed we would find those WMDs -  I was really trying hard  "to stay the course". So at the used bookstore, I see this copy of the book Blackwater by Jeremy Scahill. I had heard that the liberals were giving Blackwater a hard time and I had heard something about contractors taking over a lot of military so I decide to pick it up. I see that the guy is a contributor to The Nation, which I know is a liberal outfit, but thumbing through the book, I see a lot of footnotes for me to check out. I'm also hoping that this book could clue me in to what in the world is going on over there as I'm not getting a straight story from my conservative outlets, which I had been depending on to give me real news. That was a mistake.

I'll have to do a post on that book sometime because it really changed my thinking. Yes Jeremy Scahill is a lib, but you know what? He wrote a darn good book, and I give credit where its due. I didn't care for his linking radical right Christianity to these war profiteers, because I had been trained to label myself that way. But as I read on, I found that these people didn't follow the same Jesus I did AT ALL. They were professing Christ, but were not being a real witness for Him. Remember the scariest words in the English language:

Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
 As I began to investigate who really determines the foreign policy in our country, I began to realize some sickening truths. The communists are in charge of the entire Defense Department. I got that feeling you get when you realize this is akin to the ending of a suspense movie. The partner finds the files that cinches the whole case, just then he hears a hammer being cocked back. All at once,  he realizes his partner's been working for the other side.  Similarly, we're told the military fights for our freedoms, which sounds well and good, until you wake up one day and find you have no freedom left. Getting back to the communist claim -which I admit is pretty intense, well, just look at all the research I've done on this site to date. What have we learned?

We've learned that central bankers and those attached to central banking through government contracts have a vested interest in expanding government. They also have an interest in making sure that the general population remains largely ignorant of their mechanizations, thus they had an interest in forming the public school system to their specifications. Their specifications involved a revisionist American history and outright social engineering planned by the foremost psychologists of the day. These big money men financed communism and kept it afloat throughout the 20th century, all the while posing as both anti-communists and progressive liberals. These same persons gained effective control of the State Department and would customize the United State's foreign policy to the order of the monopolists. The monied interests most lucrative endeavor was and always has been war. When they go to war, both sides go into debt, debt which is owed to them at interest. To the central bankers, war is the perpetual money machine. So it is true that the love of money really is the root of all evil.  We've learned that the banksters tax-exempt foundations (Ford, Rockefeller, Carnegie) have been used to advocate abortion, eugenics, feminism, La Raza, homosexuality and all of the domestic social problems we have today. These were "designed" to break down the family, the core unit of a civilized society.

What gets me is that a lot of conservatives will listen intently to this information for about five minutes, agree with it, and then go back to the mainstream media's hamster wheel of 7th grade politics wherein each side calls each other names.Or they'll try to force into their paradigm of "it's all the liberal's fault". The amount of evidence that our nation has been overrun for decades by a group of well-connected monied interests hell-bent on shredding the Constitution is legion, but if Rush or Fox News doesn't mention, I guess it doesn't really exist. However, the narratives these banksters have put out are in the process of colliding. Partisans on both sides are having an extremely hard times keeping their respective versions of reality straight. For years, I heard Rush tell that when we put US troops on the ground, we do it to win it and come home. This is Ron Paul's foreign policy, but it doesn't jive with the very expensive and lucrative war TPTB are planning for Iran, so this type of talk is forbidden. The fact that Iran is going to be one of the last geopolitical pivots to fall in The Grand Chessboard scheme is also not inconsequential. There is definitely a demonic drive to control this region, which I mentioned in a earlier post. So anyway, they've got their talking points on that, and there is no skepticism from those on the right who are skeptical about everything else the press tells them, because the press would never lie to them about needing to bomb a foreign country.

The truth hurts. It's painful to admit you've been had. It's painful to admit that your government no longer represents you. It's downright scary to think that the Federal Reserve controls the military for its own ends. Especially when you consider how much foreign money is involved. Where are the loyalties? I've known people who've defended child molesters because they had invested so much trust in them and couldn't handle the reality of the misplaced trust. Similarly, many conservatives can't face up to the reality that the United States Defense Department is a mule for those monied interests seeking a one-world socialist state. It's just too much for some of them to handle. I know I spent a day or two crying over this because it was so painful to process. Praise God my hope is not in this lost and dying world. But I like to know where I stand and to know what is going on around me so that I might not be hoodwinked or fooled into supporting something that is just more statism in disguise.

So to be clear, I'm not under any illusions about this sinful world being fixable by mortal man, but I am convicted about being a witness to it. Let your light so shine before men. If Christians don't speak out about corruption, then what kind of witness is that to the lost? If we act like we're A-ok (and buddy are a lot of 'em going to be shocked to find their name not on the list) and are dismissive of the natural rights of others. If we act like its hunky dory for the Bill of Rights to end at our shores and admit that government gives us our rights and not God, how sad is that? One of my favorite cinematic moments is in the movie, Once Upon a Time in China,  where the hero begs for just one person to step up and speak out as a witness to the oppression the village was under. No one does, and then the Christian missionary steps up and says, "I will speak; I will be a witness". Of course the tyrant shot him before he could say anything, but how loudly did his courage speak to the villagers --how brightly did his Light shine before men?

(I'm working on my next FDR post, but it's taking a long time for me to really study this as it's pretty complicated and I want to write it in such a way as to make it understandable and not seven pages long!)


  1. You are so right. The government doesn't represent us--they rule us. In fact, many of the sins of the government are worse than what the colonists expereinced under King George that led to the revolution. The other sad thing is many government employees, including our military are merely pawns for the powerful. I recently finished Judge Napolitano's new book, "It's Dangerous to be Right When the Government is Wrong" and am preparing a book review post. I have always considered myself freedom first, but realized while reading his book, even I had many preconceptions (misconceptions) about many things. When you are told things over and over again as a child and throughout your life, you accept them as truths. It's important that we step back, as you are doing, and look at things afresh.

  2. "That's where I test my knowledge of current events by pretending to explain this to one of the Signers of the Declaration"

    Dood! I do that all the time! It is really the best way to talk yourself out of a whole lot of crappy thinking. :0)

  3. You know what really amazes me is watching the best conservative thinkers out there sidle right up to the truth about all these wars and debt and stuff, and then as soon as they brush up against it start screaming about liberals being so much WORSE that we just HAVE to stick with what we've got. They really are scared to let go of the party line. Scared of what it means, I guess, which might require something a little more sacrificial than writing op-eds all week long.

  4. Oh, yeah, and RON PAUL! Somehow they seem to think yelling his name in a derisive way will make all the thinking go away so they can just enjoy their echo chamber. (I know. I'm going to stop commenting in just a minute. One of those days.)

  5. this post brings a much needed smile ---
    I have been stating much the same for many years and got many 'eye rolls' --so it is good to know someone else sees the truth...and is willing to put it forward!

  6. I would love to read Judge N's new book and look forward to your post. We've got Joseph Goebbels types in both parties.
    Cindy, I'm glad I'm not the only one that has "imaginary friends" ha.
    It would seem that so many of these "conservatives" who claim to think for themselves are actually just spouting talking points, but are too stupid to realize it.


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