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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, December 2, 2011

Political Polls Are Shepherd Hooks for the Weak-Minded

Instead of really getting down to brass tacks, not only where the candidates stand on issues, but also on the reality of our collective situation -the poll trumps analytical thought. This is a bandwagon advertising technique designed to tap into the herd instinct to pick the winner. Doesn't matter if you wind up choosing between Hitler and Stalin, the most important thing is to pick a winner. Notice that the media, who we know is bought and paid for by the large corporations who got large via the Federal Reserve working in tandem with Congress in the Iron Triangle model of business, talks about polls, polls, polls. They don't talk about solutions, issues, or records, unless it is cherry-picked data that advances the agenda of their employers, who are interlocked in all this mess.

I saw this post at Hot Air a week back and thought it exemplified the cognitive dissodance that "conservatives" seem to be having:

First thing, you have to see this "fan video" done by a Ron Paul supporter. It's a well-done ad.

Now here are the outtakes from Tina Korbe's piece (emphasis mine)
It takes just one run-through to recognize that this video was not made by an official campaign — not because the production values are low (they’re really, really not), but because it’s somehow fun to watch. And it is that even though it points out inconsistencies in the two GOP frontrunners — inconsistencies I’d really rather not think about! 
Yes, prole, turn off your brain, it makes assimilating your country just sooo easy. That's how we've gotten as far as we have with our plan to erode national sovereignty into a world wide tyranny run by central banks.

Make no mistake: It’s an attack video that could just as easily have come from the Democratic National Committee as from a supporter of a GOP candidate. It’s not above cheap shots, either. It references Newt Gingrich’s affairs, for example — a relatively untouched subject this election cycle.
All it does is condemn them with their own words, without taking them out of context. It's only reporting what you in the mainstream conservative community won't. It's so much easier to watch the polls like you're watching NASCAR or something. Referencing Newt Gingrich's affair is a obligatory mention because not everyone can say that they were the Speaker of the House of Representatives having an affair whilst leading a very historic impeachment of the President of the United States for having a BJ. That is really unprecedented, thank goodness.

With just one quote from Ron Paul — and a brief screen shot of “Ron Paul 2012″ at the end of the video — this piece somehow does exactly what it’s intended to do … reminds viewers that Paul, of all the GOP candidates, has arguably been the most consistent in his views. If only those views were consistently conservative!
Poor Tina doesn't really know what a conservative is. I imagine she is referring for Paul not towing the line on an obscenely LIBERAL foreign policy. Yes, I said liberal, because our foreign policy is being run by a bunch of liberals and has been for decades. Who decides when we go into a foreign country and what we do there? Not our Congress, not the people, not even the top military brass, although they have some strategy input once the decision is made. No, these decisions are made by Elites in an the Ivory Tower of the RAND Corporation, the CFR, and other such think tanks. Just look at the mission statements of these organizations. Oh, and by the way, these groups are not pro-America, or pro-Constitution. Quite the opposite, they are for the submersion of national sovereignty into a globalist government. That's who's putting our young people out on the front lines of bongo bongo land guarding opium fields and keeping the chessboard open for more plays. TPTB are using the military might of America as their mule, and a whole bunch of servicemen know it too:

Getting back to polls, here's where we were about this time last election cycle:

(Nov 28, 2007) 
Avg poll position.
Giuliani- 25%
 Thompson - 14%
McCain- 14%
 Huckabee - 13%
 Romney - 13%
 Paul - 5% 
If you recall, Guiliani was not the nominee and since that time an increasing number of people have become aware of role of central banking in every facet of our government, including foreign policy. Not a majority, mind you, but the American Revolution was fought counting on support from 3% of the population.

It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people's minds. --Sam Adams

Consider it lit.

Bonus material for you who like to follow "numbers" (h/t Free Texas):

Top Five Presidential Campaign Donors by Candidate


(got bankster?)
Microsoft Corp$170,323Goldman Sachs$354,700
Comcast Corp$116,155Credit Suisse Group$195,250
Harvard University$94,225Morgan Stanley$185,800
Google Inc$90,166HIG Capital$176,500
University of California$83,679Barclays$155,250

(members of these branches, not the branches themselves, of course!)
Ryan LLC$197,800US Air Force$23,437
Murray Energy$66,803US Army$23,053
USAA$51,500US Navy$16,973
Contran Corp$50,000Mason Capital Management$14,000
Ernst & Young$45,300Microsoft Corp$13,398
Carbun Concepts$15,600Wausau Homes$9,800
College Loan Corp$12,400Wells Fargo$8,300
Hubbard Broadcasting$10,750Houston Texans$7,400
Fagen Inc$10,000Cold Spring Granite$6,000
Empire Office Inc$10,000Cinco Natural Gas$5,200
Fertitta Entertainment$32,000Rock-Tenn Co$25,000
Ultimate Fighting Championship$26,500Poet LLC$17,000
Station Casinos$26,000First Fiscal Fund$15,000
Crow Holdings$20,000American Fruits &
Fresenius Medical Care$17,400State Mutual Insurance$10,000
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina$15,500Tower Energy Group$10,000
Universal Health Services$14,750Ryan LLC$5,000
Kimber Manufacturing$12,300Corriente Advisors$5,000
Achristavest$10,000Welcom Products$5,000
Dorado Holdings
$10,000Zyvex Corp$2,500


  1. Bachmann-Paul-and - after the Huckabee event- Santorum--
    that's it-

    unless someone else steps forward who is a Constitutionalist--


  2. I'm still looking into Santorum's connections. But I agree, I won't be a victim of battered conservative syndrome any longer. Like they tell battered wives, just walk away.

  3. Election campaigns are simply the 'seduction of the idiots'. Pure demographic marketing aimed at getting the terminally indecisive and confused to vote for 'someone'. The vast majority of the country are lined up solid blue or solid red or solid conservative, currently called Tea party candidates running as republicans and the election rides on the perception of morons who haven't the faintest idea that the democrat party are the racist slave owner communists committed to removing every vestige of Life Liberty and Happiness from America.

    Sorry RM, I'm on a roll here, so I'm going to continue at my blog Heh.

  4. Hey Kid,

    I always write my best post on other people's blogs. Isn't ironic how the ignorant wind up deciding the fate of those of us trying to be informed? Why do you think they targeted education so hard, huh?

    Jefferson said those who wish to be ignorant and free wish something that never has been or can be. (or something like that:)

  5. RM, it's happened more than a few times :)

    That's a good enough quote to attribute it to Jefferson. Ignorant and Free - A paradox.
    Be happy.

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