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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, December 19, 2011

Daniel Hannan smacks Down Sean Hannity

Here you go Angliophiles. How about some smooth British accent dismissing the nasal Yankee accent of Sean Hannity? Sean cuts him off when he starts talking about how he opposed the British going into Iraq as he didn't think it would be worth the return to the British people.

Looks like Sean checks under his bed at night for Mullah monsters.

Understand that I do not dismiss the destructive elements of Islam or are naive concerning what they are capable of. Also understand that I acknowledge that war propaganda is a tool of the Elite and have been doing my own digging concerning what the heck is really going on in Iran and what their actual capabilities are. I respect the learning and perspective of Minister Hannan, and refuse to form my opinions out of fear. Give me the intelligence reports and demographics to understand the exact nature of the threats.

Fear is a weapon, people. The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace established that in its 1910 founding minutes when it was determined that war was the fastest and most effective way to gain control of a nation. War is the health of the state. It should only be entered into with great consideration for lives will be lost.

When the Elites want to screw the Republican half of the country, they get out their favorite screwdriver, Sean Hannity.

Oh, and to share the wealth of info:

Department of Defense Report on Iran 
Media Misread IAEA Report on Iran
(IAEA is part of the UN, so once again we have the UN wanting American blood to fight for its cause)
Bush administration uses IAEA to send nuclear tech to UAE, a close friend of Iran -ruh roh, when narratives collide, man, don't cross the streams!

The newly interested states include Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Turkey, Yemen and the seven sheikdoms of the United Arab Emirates — Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Dubai, Al Fujayrah, Ras al Khaymah, Sharjah, and Umm al Qaywayn.
“They generally ask what they need to do for the introduction of power,” said R. Ian Facer, a nuclear power engineer who works for the I.A.E.A. at its Vienna headquarters. The agency teaches the basics of nuclear energy. In exchange, states must undergo periodic inspections to make sure their civilian programs have no military spinoffs." New York Times, 2007h/t Daily Paul

So you see, Muslims are magically different outside of Iran. The Koran that calls for a global caliphate doesn't exist when Bush is in the last five days of office. 
Unbelievable if you don't understand how international banking works to erode sovereignty worldwide.


  1. A plus and a minus.

    I happened by a TV today walking thru the kitchen. FOX was on ragging on Ron Paul. Specifically, "his foreign policy being nuts" and that Mr Paul says if Iran wants nukes let them have them. Which I agree. When have we ever stopped anyone form getting Nukes. Pakistan? India? N.Korea? Please, that whole 'we can't let Iran get nukes' is very adolescent and naive based on the idea we've never stopped anyone from getting nukes. Even with the Nuclar watchkitty of the UN in place.

    Having them and using them are two different things.

    That's a plus for Mr Paul, along with a lot of the other policies that hannity and the crowd are calling Nuts. Hannity thinks America can control the world? It can't even control it's own country. Please.

    The negative is the quote from Mr Paul I heard where on some TV show he said Michele Bachman hates muslims and she wants to get them all. That's just a stupid thing to say.

    But once again, if the media hats the guy, and he does have some great ideas and policies, why shut him out for a few questionable ideas. That's what the currently "Non-existent checks and balances" do. They cancel out crazy ideas.

    If we implement Mr Paul's good ideas, we'll be light years ahead of the rinos who are running who will just be more of the same.

    It's like critical thinking is non-existent, replaced by lemme check and see what snookie thinks first.

  2. Yes, the "hates Muslims" was a little shocking because generally RP won't go after anyone personally. But Michelle did advocate entering a bloodbath situation because of the global caliphate. So which is it?
    Generally, RP never says anything like that, but goes after the ideas.
    But I did get a conversation in this one thread, where I could tell I was making smoke come out of this one woman's ears over the "why does Pakistan have nukes then?"
    Basically, I got a "this conversation is OVER" kind of response.
    The whole point of me going all guns a blazing with Paul is to move the ball of liberty down the field a ways, because as you say, that's light years ahead of more RINO action.

  3. Agreed. This attitude that we should or can control the middle east is so mindless it hurts. Oh Gosh Aunt Mildred, we can't!, we just can't let Egypt be ruled by the muslim brotherhood !

    It's a Muslim Country ! Grow up already ! It's what they want. Let them have it. We should only get involved if and when it affects us directly.
    Then get involved in a terminal and last word kinda way.


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