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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, March 26, 2012

Total Neocon Freak Out in Progress

Today I bring you some exhibits for you to consider:

Exhibit A: Rick Santorum using foul language on a reporter. Now, you'd typically be thinking good for him, right? What did the reporter say to warrant such outrage? He merely asked Rick Santorum about his saying that Mitt Romney was the worst republican in the country and was that true? Now, granted he may have been using some hyperbole and taking what Santorum out of context, but that was not grounds for a complete freak out. You be the judge:

In my opinion, Mitt Romney is the worst republican in the country. There's just something about flip-flopping on everything, taking money from international banksters via Goldman, setting up Marxist healthcare, being the governor of Taxachusetts and all round freaky deaky robot man that would definitely qualify him as the worst republican in the universe. Crud, I could write an entire speech on that theme alone and be proud of it. I don't understand why Santorum just doesn't smile and say, no I was speaking to Gov. Romney's healthcare record.  Maybe Santorum is the stalking horse for Romney. The media has been trying hard to push the Romney-Paul meme, which is totally asinine, so why shouldn't I speculate that since Santourm didn't have hardly any committed delegates or a big time ground game, that he wouldn't be dealing with the Romney campaign. This leads me to Exhibit B:

The mainstream GOP is freaking out in Washington State as Ron Paul supporters have learned the rules of engagement and are using them against those who created for their benefit so long ago. These arcane caucus rules were never a threat to the Establishment as they always had one of their own win the "beauty contest" straw polls that happen on election days in tandem with having their people as delegates, resulting in a totally dominated process. Like playing Monopoly with your five year old little brother, when the rules threaten their vision of winning, what do they do? Throw a tantrum and knock the pieces onto the floor. In this case, they manufacture an "anyone but Paul" delegate list, which will end up voting for Romney by the time its all over with. Oh, I love the way they call Paul supporters "savages". What? We don't own asparagus tongs? Maybe we eat candy bars with our hands. Or maybe we just don't belong to their country club. Anyway, I'm proud to be a savage if an open discussion of the rule of law, sound monetary policy, and questioning where the zillions of dollars in defense has gotten off to makes me a savage. While we're on the subject of civilized conversation, let's go to to Exhibit C:

Exhibit C:

Former mommyblogger and ham, Dana Loesch uses the tried and true, you're either with us or against us propaganda techniques to ridicule and shame Ron Paul supporters. Much to her chagrin, I'm sure, us RP folks are just commenting to each other, how many of the Filene Seven Propaganda Techniques are employed here? Let's see, we've got
1. Name Calling (Ron Paul - MaCaw) check
2. Glittering Generalities (vague sweeping statements - if you don't vote for Romney, you're going to actively vote for Obama) check
3. Transfer (moving authority from something we revere to something the propagandists wants us to accept. Here she makes fun of the words "liberty and Constitution") check
4.Testimonial (Dana is her own expert - if you don't agree with her, you're an enemy of the state or something) check
5. Plain Folks  - she didn't get to this .
6. Bandwagon CHECK CHECK CHECK!!!
7. Card Stacking - there were no facts in this clip to stack the deck with.

So yes, Dana, I do have a problem with it and am writing a blog about it per your advice. You give all republicans everywhere a bad name because it is clear that you can't handle any opinions that aren't on you're  Goebbels talking point memo.

Exhibit D:

We conclude this little museum trip through the neocon wilderness with the best: Herman Cain jumps the shark with this bewildering ad just in time for Easter too!

I'll admit I was just a smidge disgusted. If we want to talk about small business, let's talk about how 90% of new jobs are created by small business. Let's talk about how a law passed in 1953 says that 23% of federal government contracts are supposed to go to small businesses. What is in fact happening is that these huge corporations are forming front companies to act as small businesses to suck up that money coming from the money machine of the Fed through government contracts. They're even debating getting rid of the Small Business Administration, calling it outdated. You see folks, ma and pa stores are a thing of the past. Everyone will shop big box conglomerates, manufacturing will be done in China, and if you're lucky, you can be a hospital janitor when our medicine gets socialized. Got it? Oh, and by the way, any small businesses left out there will be taxed into obsolescence, meanwhile the big conglomerates are running their $$$ through the Caymans, getting rebates, subsidies, and assorted goodies back so that they're tax burden will be an insignificant part of their overall expenditure. And by the way, these big corporations don't produce ANY net job growth. That's a bunch of bull that Rush and Hannity feed us to make us all cheer when our local merchants and manufacturers get put out of business.

Added humorous fact: Herman Cain is Sick of Stimulus after supporting TARP???

Where do I find these gems? Where else but the Daily Paul, your source for the interesting nuggets of info really happening in America today.

Update: a little something else to make the Trotsky-loving Neocon's head 'splode:

Full Story
I've got an even better idea: let's just put the politicians who want war so much in the ring together? Lives can be saved, and no one will really miss them that much. Politicians are much more replaceable than the loved ones of ordinary folks. I guarantee the war trash talk would stop.


  1. I love your blog! I am from Tennessee, too. Makes me proud.

  2. Great post, I'm buying extra popcorn to watch the ongoing neoconservative freakout.

    1. We're going to need a whole lot of popcorn for these summer primaries for sure.

  3. thank you for the heads up on Scaife (sp) and the Combat Vets for Ron Paul...
    added CV to my roll..

    the R elites are NO BETTER than the Ds-
    Been saying that for years-


    1. They're all playing for the same human-hating social Darwinian team.

  4. It never ceases to amaze me how the movement that brought us Robert A. Taft and Goldwater, now trumpets statist hacks like Romney, Gingrich and Santorum.

    Santorum's short temper alone is enough to want to keep him as far away from the executive branch as possible. But then again, as Dana aptly illustrates, the movement of prudence and liberty has degenerated into nothing more than an anti-Democrat temper-tantrum. It's sad.

    1. Yeah, can you see Santorum with the nuclear codes or access to assassin drones? To an independent, both sides now look incredibly juvenile.


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