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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

GOP Delegate Sham in Atlanta

This comes to me from a reader who was an eyewitness to some shenanigans in Fulton Co (Atlanta) GA:

I'm disgusted.
What happened Saturday was a SHAM from the get-go
First they gave out NEW rules that morning, while making a big deal touting the procedure was to be fair for all. Then they handed out forms to fill in for delegate nominations ( not the norm.)  It was already known that the all the delegate & alternate slots were filled with the GOP faithfuls. When the committee came out, they had replaced very few names... adding for example, Ralph Reed (yes, the Ralph Reed... the establishment.. Shawn Hannity was there too), and replacing a husband with his wife, etc. That kind of nonsense.  In our district, not even 1 of the 35 applications was substituted in the 24 slots.
"Nominating committees are usually a fraud. The leaders hand pick who they want. The people put on a nominating committee are followers of the group leaders. The only choice is to "vote" for the ones the leaders pick. Then they pretend it was an "election". This method is used by corrupt political organizations on a regular basis. They get to force who they want in a position while pretending to be fair
They then had us vote by Congressional districts, but dictated that the paper nominations go through the State House District chairs; those folks then spread misinformation and lies about who was "allowed" to challenge whom. My chair did not sit in the designated area, nor did she make herself available to hand in the paper nominations. You had to hunt her down.  1 girl told me she over heard her say, " I can't believe 35 nominations!!"  Someone then asked her, "are they actually here?"  She had to reply yes. Another woman, who I had met earlier at the precinct meeting & is just waking up... told me ,"There really are Death counseling in Obamacare!" Yes, there are I told her. Anyway, she said she ask our House Chair 4 times about how she could fill out the form to nominated herself to replace one already cemented on the slate & the woman told her she couldn't.  Dusgusting!.. I wish I had heard her say that.
They also used the new congressional district maps (which do not yet appear on our voter registration records) to sow confusion and disqualify challenges.
They closed nominations via this unknown "paper submission rule" before the body of the convention had adopted that rule, which the convention chairman admitted when Nathan questioned him.  See the video of the GOP County Chair admitting it!
In the end, there were not enough opposition present to overturn anything the way they rigged it.  If they hadn't have changed the rules at the last minute we would have gotten some delegates.  It was about 2/3 to 1/3.  The way they cheated & set it up the majority always eventually wins under Robert's Rules of Order.  I guess mob-rule. 
Regardless, what they did was unethical. The die was cast before anyone arrived. Forked tongue.. "fairness" out of the mouth & working feverishly behind our backs to kick us out the door.  Give us your $40 and go away.  We are IN CHARGE.

Isn't that special? The GA GOP charges you $40 just to change the rules of the game when you get there. And if you complain, why you must be some sort of leftist, because every good conservative does what Sean Hannity and Co. tell them is right, right?

Last minute rule changes is a sign of desperation, it is a symptom that the wheels are coming off and people are starting to notice a real bumpy ride. Check out this great post by Ted at the Country Thinker calling for all patriotic Americans to bail out on the GOP. I'm game, are you?


  1. Yes, it's pretty obvious that the guy that rises to the cream of this crop is curdled before he gets there.

    This is the reason that we should bee be going to the GOP meetings, getting ourselves elected to the various boards, and generally getting a stronger foot in the door. They're not going to give up without a fight.

    1. Maybe a scorched earth policy of every county whilst sounding the alarm in libertarian circles.

  2. Sue them. One lawsuit will easily eat up all their ill-gotten gains from accepting your money under fraudulent pretenses.

    1. Is there an organization of liberty loving lawyers out there to help with something like this?

  3. Not much difference between the two 'major' parties - is there!

    1. I'd say not, to the disappointment of many.


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