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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Mitt Doesn't Have the Delegates - Yet

The one great thing about this four man race is that it's busting up the Establishment's Mittmentum, much to the chagrin of one Barbara Bush. You've got this from Real Clear Politics, where they try to project the delegate count through June:

So what’s the bottom line here? Romney ends up with 1,071 delegates, still short of the nomination.  Now, there are a few important caveats.  First, there are 114 unpledged RNC delegates, who can vote for anyone.  Second, there are another 86 delegates in states that have already voted that have yet to be allocated.  Romney will probably get somewhere between a third and half of these delegates.
So a brokered convention is still a long shot, but (1) note how long it takes Romney to get into range; and (2) recall that we’ve perhaps been too generous with Romney in our delegate allocations in New York, Texas and California, especially after the brutal March he is likely about to have.
Ok, what's really clear to me is that most of us are totally ignorant of all this delegate business. We have no clue  how all this works, they don't teach it in Civics. They didn't teach it back when they really did have Civics class. Why? Because they don't want you to understand how the game is really played. The masses go "vote" for their man, which has never bothered the Elite because their man has always been given the 1st class "Edward Bernays" PR that would make the masses flock to them. Thus, they rarely have had to employ the Party shenanigans of "rule changes" and delegate manipulation. Lest you think that the Elite are not aware of the delegate process, recall that Catherine Bliesh was a Ron Paul delegate in 2007 from Missouri and got put on a terrorist watch list for it. They'll always tell you of what they're afraid of. But here's the kicker, those 114 unpledged delegates are most likely Ron Paul people, as the libertarian brand of conservatives have been studying this Gordian Knot for a few years now and have been working tirelessly to take back the system.

From the Washington Times:

Ron Paul’s Georgia supporters succeeded in taking over a delegate-selection convention in a populous county on Saturday and nearly succeeded in another densely populated urban-suburban county.
The Texas congressman’s forces took over the DeKalb County delegate-selection convention in eastern metropolitan Atlanta. The mostly young, well-educated and well off Paul partisans nearly did so in Cobb County in northern metropolitan Atlanta, Republican convention participants in the state told The Washington Times.
Larry McDonald would be proud!

Newt is not to be trusted -Larry McDonald,
Patriot and Martyr for Liberty
In 1981 this writer asked Georgia Congressman Larry McDonald for an evaluation of the rising Republican star from his neighboring 6th District. His reply was surprising at the time. Newt Gingrich, he said, was a devious and ambitious politician masquerading as a conservative and not one to be trusted. Dr. McDonald said, to obstruct and to undermine support of conservative members of Congress for some of McDonald's legislative efforts. This was particularly disturbing since Rep. McDonald was the most conservative member of Congress by virtually all rating systems and would have been a natural ally of Gingrich if Gingrich were truly conservative.  -Devvy Kidd


  1. The entire delegate selection process is a convoluted and mixed up mess. I know the states have a lot of individual choice in this, but I am beginning to think it would be best to have a single selection process for every state.

    1. I imagine these processes evolved out of the political machines that owned each state. What is "best" and makes sense and is transparent is the last thing certain people want.


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