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Monday, March 19, 2012

Mossad and CIA Agree on Iran

It doesn't have a nuclear weapon. According to Haaretz, they haven't decided to build a nuclear weapon. Something here doesn't add up, as our dear leaders are trying to sell us a different set of goods. As always, I tend to believe intelligence officers in the field over politicians any day. Heck, I would believe anything that spoke, including lying pixies over politicians. Especially since I know that most of you politicians are owned by special interests aka defense and banking gangsters who stand to make a ton of money off each new war. With each new war, they siphon more actual wealth from taxpayers, consolidate institutions, and make us all less free. But anyway, here's the crux of it:

Israel’s intelligence services agree with American intelligence assessments that there is not enough proof to determine whether Iran is building a nuclear bomb, according to a report published Sunday in the New York Times. 

Persian Mountaineers of yore
According to the New York Times, the extent of the evidence the spy agencies have collected is unclear since most of their findings are classified. However, intelligence officials say they have been throwing everything they have at the Iranian program.
The United States and Israel share intelligence on Iran, American officials said. For its spying efforts, Israel relies in part on an Iranian exile group that is labeled a terrorist organization by the United States, the Mujahedeen Khalq, or M.E.K., which is based in Iraq, says the report.
Furthermore, the report states that the Israelis have also developed close ties in the region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq, and they are believed to use Kurdish agents who can move back and forth across the border into Iran.


  1. believe "...lying pixies over politicians."

    So TRUE-sad-but true!


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