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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Mutiny of The GOP Mothership

Paul supporters have a message for all you conservatives out there: We don't give up and we don't give in!!! Daily Pauler ZooAmerica tells you how it is:

We are not leaving. We are here to stay, and we are taking over the GOP Mothership one state at a time. It's a big piece of ship, but we're slowly and methodically taking it over - legally.
Missouri is a prime example - Ron Paul is winning the majority of state delegates, as Rick Santorum won the frothy piggy pageant. Weee! Oik, oik as the old media says...
"Go third party now!" Jump ship! Leave! Go Away!
Wha? NO. Heck no! That's like punting on first and goal. Makes no sense. I SMELL BACON! We are winning the delegate battle in Iowa, North Dakota, Minnesota, Alaska, Nevada, Missouri, Washington, and Maine. That's about 1/3rd of the states that have already voted!
The GOP really kicked themselves in the ass by moving the caucus and primary election dates up a month. They thought they could easily sail candidate captain Romney through the political straights of America earlier than originally planned without encountering a storm.
Now they've got a political storm, and a mutiny on their hands. Romney is a shipwreck that's already happened, as Ron Paul's national delegate template starts taking over the GOP Mothership.
Drat! Ron Paul supporters have cloaked themselves as actual delegates! How could you let this happen!!

 "If I became president, it wouldn't matter, if I'm the only one. If you want to change government you need to become government and if we all worked together we could take over the GOP in one or two election cycles." 
-Ron Paul, 2008, Rally for the Republic

So to all you Insider monied men who think you own the Republican Party as your own property---Ron Paul supporters (who by the way, differ immensely from your rah! rah! candidate x supporters in that they actually believe in a set of unwavering principles) have spent a long time studying this thing, and are now pulling out all the stops. You may have more dirty tricks up your sleeve, more mind control, and more, but there is a tireless minority out there watching and anticipating your moves. Even when we loose, we win, because in the process, more people become awake to the sham election process.


  1. Excellent article,and I really like this site !I am concerned about the word "frothy",being used on this site though,as it is a word that Christians are offended by,and we don't want to lose anyone.Thanks,and you can delete this comment.

    1. Thanks, that is a good point, but I was just quoting what another has said. I try to stay clear of the whole alternate meaning of the guy's name thing, but it is what it is, and the original poster is not as sensitive as some of us. We used the word frothy when I was in school to denote the foam on root beer, so I didn't give it as much thought:)

      The biggest offense to Christians ought to be the vast amount of deviling done by those who claim Christ.


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