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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Make 'Em Steal It!!!

You may have noticed the exuberance of Ron Paul supporters. There are many reasons for this, but one of them is the fact that Ron Paul supporters know what they're up against: the cutting edge in psychological warfare and every dirty trick the Establishment has to offer. Now some of you might not care about voting irregularities if it benefits your candidate, but know that if our votes are "lost", shot down the memory hole or not counted, then we truly do live in lawlessness. It's a big deal, and I'll just catalog some of what I've seen so far via the Daily Paul where someone has run some statistical analysis on this and came up with the following conclusions:

Hey guys. I just want you all to know that I have graphed in detail all of the counties in NH, SC and Fla that have the precinct information available on the Election Commissions' website. I have amassed a couple of hundred graphs probably. The most difficult part of this is getting this information into a form that is brief but easy to understand. Please appreciate this.There are surely exceptions to the following observations, but here are some generalities:
1. In any county where Ron Paul has more votes than Mitt Romney using the low vote total precincts, you get a ridiculous- looking curve like the one in Anderson County. (Anderson, Greenville, Spartanburg, and Oconee Counties). Mitt ends up at a vote total that could have been Paul's projected total and Paul crashes to the ground.
 2. In the counties where Romney has more votes than Paul in the low vote total precincts, There is no ridiculous anomaly like the one in Anderson County.
3. In any race where Newt is ahead of Romney and Romney is anywhere close to Gingrich in vote total, Newt gets flipped by Romney (Richland, Charleston, and Beaufort Counties in SC) much like the maneuver in Anderson County where Mitt flips Paul. It appears to me that Newt actually won these counties as well as Polk and Duval Counties in Florida. 
4. As I have laid out in my brief, fluctuations should occur in honest elections; however, these "flips" look to me like one candidate is suddenly losing his slope (established vote percentage) and another (Romney) is gaining at precisely the same percentage. My personal constitution screams to me "this phenomenon is not a normal occurrence!"
 5. In almost all Counties, Mitt Romney gains hundreds- even more than a thousand- in the very largest precinct(s). Many instances this tail end gain appears to serve the purpose of draining Ron Paul just enough to be last place. (example: Charleston County SC). I'm not saying there isn't an honest explanation, but I want to hear one... that makes sense. Maybe in every single county Romney supporters turned out in "droves" at the very largest precinct(s)?
 6. Most graphs follow a disturbing trend: Mitt Romney's vote percentage "line" looks more like a parabola curving upward and the other 3 candidates' lines like a parabola curving in the negative. This might could be explained in some honest way, but it looks like algorithms in voting machines to me. I invite intelligent discussion.
 7. Yes- demographics can play a part, of course. I am NOT a Demographics expert. I do like math though.
8. I will release a procedure that will show all of you math analysts how to do this on your own. You will see the same anomalies as I see.
If RP Vote = 7000
Then Mitt=RP Vote and RP Vote - Mitt

Don't forget the testimony of this computer programmer who says he was told to rig voting machines:

Christian Science Monitor - Should Ron Paul demand a recount?
Remember that they would not count the last 15% of the precincts that Ron Paul was expected to win. This is the state that gives us the Senate sisters Snowe and Collins..

 GOP Chairwoman Tarkanian resigns day after caucus. Her husband is running for house, and I believed she planned it in advance.
Clark Co. - "excess" ballots counted
According to this lady, everyone in her precinct was voting for Paul

Iowa GOP Chairman resigns.
Votes counted in "secret" location
Missing Precincts are from ones that Romney lost in '08 - in college towns where RP was doing well.
Ron Paul leads in entrance polls

So if Ron Paul supporters where not giving it 110%, then the whole movement would be dismissed. That's one thing they can't say about us. We see what is happening to our country clearer than any other constituency, and this is a tremendous threat to our Elite overlords. They have no choice but to lie, cheat, and steal. So I say "make em steal it!", don't just allow them to take our nation to totalitarian town.

The Ron Paul campaign is the most tremendous political experiment in the last 100 years. What happens when you have a candidate who:

  • is a professing Christian with a solid "walk", yet refuses to capitalize on the name of the Savior for political gain.
  • is a "pro-life" OB-GYN who ran a medical practice while avoiding government lucre (Medicaid, etc.)
  • has a plan to actually eliminate abortion in much of America by passing the We the People Act, giving the states jurisdiction over the abortion issue with a 51% majority in Congress. 
  • has a track record of never voting for an unbalanced budget
  • returns his Congressional office budget to the Treasury
  • doesn't talk to lobbyists, go on junkets, or takes graft
  • has a solid understanding of monetary policy, history, and founding principles
  • is a military veteran, having served five years - the only candidate who has served
  • has a foreign policy that has been praised by many, many intelligence officers and experts from the field (Robert Pape, Col. MacGregor, Michael Scheuer, Lt. Col. Anthony Schaffer, Robert Steele..
  • has a view on Iranian bombs held by 16 Intelligence Agencies and the head of Mossad
  • Update: how about the only candidate who has a written plan complete with arithmetic to cut ONE TRILLION DOLLARS out of the budget by ELIMINATING FIVE departments. I wonder why TPTB wouldn't want that..
I'll tell you what happens: people just can't recognize what they're seeing because they've been lied to for too long.


  1. There are electoral shenanigans going on, it's just very hard to prove. Also the mediots and party elite do their damnedest to frame Paul supporters as "conspiracy theorists" and sore losers in order to detract from the obvious fraud.

    1. Yeah, they don't xerox the missing ballots or film themselves dumping them, do they? But yet they're still missing. Queing up the scene in Mr. Smith where he says "I'm not licked!"

  2. "I'll tell you what happens: people just can't recognize what they're seeing because they've been lied to for too long."

    True, and things like this that don't even allow them to trust that a vote in the USA will be counted properly.
    Well, there are too many 'conservatives' who are against Ron Paul, too many that continue to let the media pick the candidates based on some absurd notion that we must get the idiot vote in order to win. It's ridiculous.

    I have my one vote which I will deploy in the primary and the general. Beyond that I can't get too interested in elections in America because they've devolved into BS soap operas, where again, there is no candidate. Anybody but obama and I'll think something has been accomplished for This go around.

    1. Let's just hope that there is another go around!

  3. Replies
    1. The Ron Paul people have been saying that since before the election began. Like I said, it's an experiment to see how the fixing is done for future reference, God willing.


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