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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Murder, Mayhem, and Control

h/t Daily Paul

Graph and excerpt from Vox Day:
"The first notable is that the two rates track closely, so that whatever is driving changes in the one is likely (but not certainly) driving changes in the other. The second remarkable feature is the abrupt increase in the turbulent 1960s, and the subsequent decline as the people responsible for these cultural excesses began to enter their 50s and 60s, and even to die off in the 2000s and 2010s. The percent in 2011 was the lowest on record.  I want to repeat that: The homicide rate in 2011 was the lowest on record since 1960."

Also great analysis from Vox:

A little math should help put things in perspective for those who are convinced that the gun owners of America can't possibly stand up to the military might that is under the control of the federal government:
In November a record 2 million guns were sold in America.  This was followed up by another record in December.  2.7 million guns were sold in America in the last month of 2012.... There are 2.29 active members in the Chinese Army. There are 1.13 active members in the Indian Army.
The U.S. Army has 561,984 active personnel. Keep in mind that 600,000 men armed with rifles were sufficient to dissuade the 16 million-strong German Heer from attacking Switzerland. Are all of those 4.7 million new guns bought by people willing to kill in order to protect their God-given liberties? No. But many, perhaps even most, were. And that is why the current media drums being pounded for gun control are going to dwindle away to silence again soon.

On Kill Lists and Suicide(d)

Making sure that no one gets Breitbarted unnoticed, I'll make you aware of some strange happenings, the kind that happen in threes:

John Noveste, a prominent gun manufacturer died in a car crash after posting on his Facebook about the overwhelming link between psych drugs and "going postal." Coincidence? Perhaps.

Keith Ratliff, producer for the top ten Youtube channel FBS Russia was found dead in Georgia with a single gunshot to the head. He was surrounded by guns, as the Youtube channel features exotic weaponry, but he did not offer up resistance. There is a rumor going around that he was tied up and executed, but I have not been able to verify it. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is treating it as a homicide.

Check out why this channel is so popular:

Aaron Swartz - the kid genius who at 14 co-wrote RSS, and was on a personal mission to keep the internet free and open, was hounded by the "authorities" for making public information aka case law more available to the um, public. His parents blame the government for his suicide, but I think everyone might be just a tad suspicious of what really happened. I mean any time anyone goes up against the man and decides to kill themselves, one can't help but think that's pretty cliche.

Were these people on a kill list? How would we ever know or not know? That's a big question.

Weirdness Abounds

I've written before that it took 20 minutes to 2 miles to "rescue" the kids at Sandy Hook. Other things to consider that I find strange, and if Hercule Poirot were on the case, would find unforgivable not to reconcile before closing the case:

  • No surveillance photos/videos have been released. Now some say, of course we can have those little children's corpses all over the media. I'm not suggesting that, but a freeze frame of Lanza entering the school and the shattered or not shattered glass would be instructive for those wanting to prevent such things again. In the Columbine massacre, short video clips of the boys were shown to give everyone proof that some element of that story was true. 
  • If the school recently spent a bunch of money on a high tech security system, there should be CCTV all over that building, plus why did the secretary let the guy in or did she? If the children were killed with a long gun as the coroner says, then how did the secretary not see that on the video?
  • Can the investigators on the scene not count to four? If the "story" is as simple as we're led to believe: nut kid kills mom and trucks in ammo, guns, vest, mask to take out school, why does the number of guns, bullets, and such change so drastically? Either there were four guns by his lifeless body or there wasn't. The story should not change based on some predetermined narrative to work AR's into the picture. Yes, I understand how the media makes mistakes, I grew up with a newspaper editor for a dad and mistakes happen constantly. But you just can't change the story without posting corrections with explanations. The particulars of this case are like getting the soap opera digest from a schizophrenic!
  • That Gene Rosen guy is beyond shady. His story changes with each interview he does. Who is going to leave kids on some guy's driveway like that? If I were a bus driver, I wouldn't let those kids out of my sight until I personally saw their parents. But the gender of the bus driver changes, and the order of events changes each time he gives the interview. The man is also the CEO of the local access cable network. Check out this succinct and snarky analysis of Gene's story by a commenter on the DP: lets see ..6 children were hiding in Mrs. Soto's classroom closet..they escaped & made their way to the school's exit[when the school was in total lock down..amazing accomplishment already]..the 6 children then ran across the school parking lot..a parking lot just crawling with police officers & others w/o being noticed by anyone & hailed a school bus..the bus apparently picked them up & the children demanded to be dropped off at the end of Gene Rosen's driveway..they were dropped off there,a mere 1,000 ft from the school..why would the 6 children even get on a bus? then just dropped off 20 seconds later at the end of Rosen's driveway? where did the bus come from? the police would have seen the bus & never let it go anywhere obviously..anyway.. according to Rosen's fairytale..the 6 children then proceeded to sit down in a nice,neat semi-circle in Rosen's lawn at/by the end of the driveway..for some unknown reason the school bus driver[in one interview it was a man bus driver ,another a women bus driver] started yelling at the children,as Gene came upon them[Gene thought maybe they were cub scouts? or children rehearsing for a play? huh?]
    #1 he had just finished feeding the cats..
    or #2.. Gene had just come back from eating breakfast at a local diner..
    or #3..Gene was was heading for the diner.
    or #4 Gene was out for a morning walk [take your pick as Rosen has told all 4 versions in 9 different interviews..
    Gene finds out that the supposed school bus driver knows none of the children's names on the school bus.. but..lo & behold..the good lord above was shining his light down on Gene Rosen that day because..
    the bus driver's "supervisor" somehow knew all 6 children's names!
    what a miracle of miracles!!
    Gene then invites the 6 children inside his "SMALL" house[where exactly is Mrs. Rosen during this entire ordeal? where is the bus driver? where is the bus?
    A: they vaporized into thin air,& now rest next to the Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon]..there are 4 boys & 2 girls or there are 3 boys & 3 girls.. Gene has told both versions in different one interview one little girl was frantic..frantic & out of her another interview the children were very quiet.quiet as yet another interview Gene says the children were out of their minds with fear & telling Gene over & over "we can't go back there..we can't go back there..Ms. Soto is dead ..we can't go back" Ms. Soto is dead & they talked of blood & it was awful says Gene..
    one immediately wonders why Rosen never calls 911..he never calls the police either or walks down to the fire house to tell someone..anyone..he has 6 children in his house from Sandy Hook!!he only calls the children's parents from the numbers he got from the school bus drivers SUPERVISOR..when exactly did Gene get the children's names & phone #'s names from the bus drivers supervisor? he never does tell us..about 20-30 minutes later the children's parents begin arriving at Gene's SMALL house to pick up their screaming,quiet ladies face is "FROZEN" in fear when she arrives..many parents also come over to Gene's stuffed animal party to see if their children are there & one again wonders why these parents coming over to the Rosen house NEVER..EVER.. call a police officer or 911? has to wonder why not even one of the hundreds of police officers right next door at Sandy Wagged the Hook elementary & the Firehouse ever come over to pay Gene & the 6 children a little visit? & how in the L did Rosen see the list of the deceased children on afternoon of Dec 14?
    when the list wasn't released till Dec 16th!!!!!!!!!!
    why hasn't this old pedophile/pervert/mason been questioned by police?how much money was he paid for his atrocious acting services? & who paid him? I'd love to know the answer to that one..
    so so so many problems with this guys absurd stories & his fake crying & fake emotion..he really did make me nauseous..
  • The medical examiners testimony was the most bizarre I've ever seen. Usually they're emotionless and give the clinical facts of the caliber used, the position of the victim when killed, time of death, etc. This guy said the victims he examined all died from a "long gun", real clinical term there buddy. He was very vague on the details that medical examiners are usually not vague about, but deferred to his handlers, er police behind him. 
  • I've actually got a hold of a copy of the Batman movie and yes indeed Sandy Hook is on the map at one hour and 58? minutes into the movie. This map was also put out in a promotional pack before release. This was the movie that was shown at the Aurora shooting. I know what you're thinking, who was the props manager? It was Scott Getzinger, who's hometown guessed it, Newtown, Connecticut. Don't try contacting him about it, he died in a car crash back last April. Previous Batman maps did not feature Sandy Hook as a location. That woman who wrote the Hunger Games, which is about kids killing each other in some sick competition is also from Newtown. Maybe this town is like some sort of freaky pod people-Steven King novel or something?
  • How do we know that Adam Lanza killed his mom? Were there any eyewitnesses? Or is all we have the word of the "officials"? How do we know that some sort of bankster employed black op team didn't shoot Nancy, shoot Adam, and dump his body in the school? Remember the Franklin Conspiracy where high up people kidnap little boys and rape them for fun. This is the kind of depravity that exists in this country. Yes, they will punch a guy with his glasses on. 
  • Oh yeah, and Eric Holder, the guy who said 20 years ago that we'd just have to "brainwash" people into giving up there guns, the guy who worked for Reno when they were burning alive just as many kids in Waco, went to Newtown to have a private meeting with the first responders. Wonder what the fly on on that wall would have said about Mr. Fast and Furious himself talking to the locals?
  • This article: As Shooting Probe Progresses Police Union Seeks Funding For Trauma Treatment
    By Andrew Gorosko
    A man with a gun who was spotted in the woods near the school on the day of the incident was an off-duty tactical squad police officer from another town, according to the source.
    Well, Ok, then...
  • I can't even begin to touch on all the strange things, that when you put them together, along with the recent mass shootings, and the bold moves by the feds to neuter the second amendment, lead to a uncomfortable conclusion. I'll just leave you with some interviews that I found interesting. BTW, anyone trying to PC away questioning speech should be subject to scrutiny, not the other way around. 
Joyce Riley interviews Mike Powers, Naval Law Enforcement Officer on the many logistical problems of what we're being told.

Now I can't endorse everything this video says, but am posting it because it has over 11 million views AND Youtube says it contains offensive and adult themes, making you click past a warning label, which tells me that you should really check it out.

They also have a part 2 that his a little more tame.

Truth is treason in an empire of lies. ---Ron Paul

Truth is the new hate speech, seriously. I'm not really sure what happened up there. What I am sure about is that there are some really sick and twisted people in positions of power that want us all either enslaved or dead. Just ask Obama's Weatherman mentors who were backed by Thomas Ayers, the bankster, defense contracting dad. I can't even follow what the Establishment would have me believe about the events that transpired up there in any logical way. This post is my attempt to try to understand what went on in light of how elements in our government have used subterfuge and trickery before: Gulf of Tonkin anyone? 


  1. Just because I'm paranoid doesn't mean the government isn't out to get me.

  2. We're being played. The question is by whom and for what reason(s).

    I think these Sandy Hook discrepancies were created on purpose and the MSM must be complicit just seeing the idiotic mistakes they've put out and failure to followup on the inept misinformation or pernicious disinformation they've broadcasted. Instead they point at the independent thinking community that they label "truthers" as being obnoxious, violent threat to an orderly society. Going after guns alone may not be the sole objective. It appears they do want to classify patriots as terrorists. And are they pushing us towards a civil war? Could that be the end state they desire to emasculate us?

    Agenda 21 (under thousands of different covernames) has been slowly executed over the course of many decades and is an integral part of our government regulatory environment. The events have escalated to a fast and furious level to disarm the American public, shut down free enterprise, enslave the populace to the state, move remnants of self-reliant communities to urban prisons, preach diversity under the umbrella of monopolistic thinking, move formerly American industries to countries where the workers are already enslaved. bankrupt the national wealth owned by the people and make their private property useless through stifling regulation.

    They've attacked smokers in the past with their horrendous anti-smoking campaign forcing smokers to fund those who drowned out their objections. They attack drug users with impunity with warrantless swat raids and para-military tactics. They attack minorities in our liberal concentration camps with stop and frisk and offering payment to snitches all under the guise of being for our welfare and security.

    They have us worried about this illusion of a New World Order which is really nothing more than the old world order on steriods with more of the enitre world population totally emasculated and subject to our master's whims.

    I was happy to see you had a past post identifying Rosa Koire's efforts to fight Agenda 21 with and her book "Behind The Green Mask". There's another speaker you may want to look at named Mary Ruwart who looks at the evils of regulation and perpetuation of the welfare state from an entrepeneur's pov.

    For the good news, we've had one community condemn King Cuomo's anti-defense decree. Hopefully more will wake up to follow their lead.

  3. I forgot to mention the whole Benghazi ordeal. Hillary's teflon testimony was very telling. Obama is arming radical Muslim fundamentalists as the arms from Libya's stores have found their way to Algeria, Mali, and some American weaponry from their dealings in Libya has even been found in the Sinai deserts possibly on their way to the Gaza Strip.

    They're disarming us while arming our enemies. Sandy Hook may be nothing more than another diversion from attacking the root of evil that is hellbent on enslaving us further.

  4. I'm wondering when someone will publish statistics showing how many gun-related shootings &c were committed by people who were NOT psychopaths, sociopaths, and otherwise a few bricks short of a load.

  5. keeping the public in the dark, as exemplified in Sandy Hook and Behnghazi, is a way to control the narrative. And the media, for the most part, is complicit or lazy or both. Hillary's Benghazi hearing was a joke. Congressional hearings are supposed to be about getting to the truth. Hillary and congress used them to preen for the cameras.
    Creepy facts you've divulged here, RM, regarding Sandy Hook.


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