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Thursday, January 10, 2013

General McChrystal Dumps on Second Amendment

So much for his oath to the Constitution in this video. He's one of "them" and not one of us. Maybe he's kind of sore after having his hind end handed to him by the 10th century mountain people and their "assault" rifles.

Just in case you think I'm some sort of nutjob for calling the former Joint Chief as one of "them", here is his muckety map showing his thumb in lucrative pies. 

He has lobby firm Shockey Scofield Solutions promoting his new company, creatively named the McChrystal Group, which helps get government money transferred from you rube taxpayers and into his pocketbook to provide security for our multinational interests all over the world. Isn't that swell?

Check out the Podesta Group, founded by Tony Podesta, brother of John Podesta, Clinton's Chief of Staff. Check out the shared clients between McChrystal's Group and the Shockey-Scofield lobbyist. Check out the bankster bailout representation. 

Thus, I rest my case that McChrystal is one of "them" by association and by how he's making money.

Former Joint Chief of Staff McChrystal doing all right after "service"


  1. McChrystal was baffling them with bullshit and trying to sound intelligent by talking about the projectile speed of the .223 fired by an M4 carbine. Ammunition can be purchased in multiple load and bullet configurations based on the effect desired in its intended use. What he said he used during his career was specifically designed to be most effective at the range of typical military engagements in excess of 200 yards. His nonsensical answer probably had many gun enthusiasts initially laughing at him before the reality of what he was saying sunk in.

    This is even more interesting in that McChrystal was fired for his infamous comments against various officials in the Obama administration in the Rolling Stone interview. Also it's very troubling. I don't recall seeing many former officers come out so soundly against second amendment protections. In fact, I can't even recall one from memory. It disturbs me to think he may have been in position to lead the disarming of citizens of their protection during a crisis like Katrina.

  2. Rush Limbaugh bought us some time.
    He forced the MSM to call him a nut when he said that Presidential Ex Orders will super suede the Constitution; the MSM exposed the Ex Orders.
    Way to go Rush--but just for a while.
    They will not stop - this close to fooling the uninformed; the Ex Orders were to Ratify The U.N. Small Arms Treaty. There will be another try.

  3. Oh what a tangled web we (NWO) weave in order to deceive.

  4. he voted for bho --probably has been a "PC pro" for all of his military life--


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