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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, September 24, 2012

The MEK is A-OK?

First the background:

The Mujahideen-e-Kaliq (The Holy Warrior of Iran) group murders American intelligence and foreign service offiicals in Iran in May 1972, including USAF General Price.

From then onward, the strangest alliances between this jihadi group and American politicians emerge.

Republcan and US Senator, Robert Torricelli was an unabashed fan of MEK, who supported him financially until he got called out on it in 1998.

It was Bill Clinton that put MEK on the Foreign Terrorism Organization list, but it was under the watch of Hillary it was removed last week.

I could probably devote a whole blog detailing the sordid past of the MEK and all their workings in the middle east. Instead, I'll just link here. It sure is a roller-coaster of a time-line.

Moving to the present day, we see that MEK was taken off the terror list with diligent lobbying from the firm, DiGenova and Toensing, LLC. This company is a husband and wife lobbying team wh say that, "the MEK has given up violence". And that is all it takes, that and enough money. Just observe the map of these two:


These people financially support the same candidates who are constantly telling you that Iran is going to blow us up, but also lobby in support of a real, live Iranian terror group that has "given up violence." Check out the Committee for the Present Danger. You see there is so much danger that is always present, they have to have a committee just to talk about it!

Judging from the linked timeline above, the MEK works very hard to garner political support where it can find it. I can't put my finger on it, but the whole thing is very fishy and I'm wondering if this isn't just another controlled "tool" of a group the Elite use to keep the Chess game going. When they're done playing one role, they've "given up violence" and begin the new role. How very 1984 of them.

I found this little nugget of truth from Dr. Pieczenik's new blog, which you should really check out because he's unloading all sorts of info from his years in the State Department and the big think tanks.


  1. "...and I'm wondering if this isn't just another controlled "tool" of a group the Elite use to keep the Chess game going."

    Very likely, rM. Very liely.

    I enjoyed reading the piece by Dr. Pieczenik

    1. Well, I'm not wondering too hard!
      I just haven't had time to study the names closely and write a detailed term paper on the subject, so I speak a little ambiguously.

      The next post is guaranteed to be hard core!


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