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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Libya -- Beyond Crazy

Blogging has been light due to info overload. wow. Thought I'd better hurry up and post in case ya'll were wondering if I'd been taken off to be "re-educated".

I don't have the time or energy to try to untangle the knot of the past several decades of Libyan history with regard to CIA involvement, but trust me, it's a real knot.

If you look on the internet archives going back to the Libyan uprising last year, you'll find the leader of the rebels, Col. Hefta a CIA operative running the show. What happened with his gang these past few days? How did the State Department know something was going down, but didn't warn their own people to heighten security? And then we have all the bomb threats here today, claiming Al Qaeda, but yet Col. Hefta says they're working with Al Qaeda?

All the other timed Muslim chaos says to a student of the hidden history of this country, that a pretext is forming and we're running out of time to wake people up to it. Let's just think about the logistics of group dynamics. Are you or anybody you know just spontaneously going to march somewhere with grenades and flags to burn. Where the crud to all these angry people in these countries where toilet paper is scarce get all these American flags to burn? This is where the media fails us horribly; their "reports" are written to kindergartners and the five W's of journalism are vague as vague can be.

John McCain supports Al Qaeda - an oldie, but goody from Jack Hunter illustrating the absurdity with logic just over a year ago:

And now we have Ambassador Rice saying that all this was just spontaneous. I wouldn't trust this woman to give me the time of day, much less give the truth to me straight.  I can't get all my kids working together at the same time, but I'm supposed to believe that a bunch of Muslims writhing in hatred just simultaneously came upon the embassy  in a murderous rage?

 The long history of assassination squads have been documented as tools of the global elite for decades. Mae talked extensively about their presence, as did John Stockwell and many other intelligence insiders. They are most certainly a tool of the Elite to stoke the flames to get things goin'. They desperately need war to distract us from the reality of our dollar being flushed down the toilet. Recall that the founding minutes of the Carnegie Endowment of International Peace (1908) revealed during the Reece Committee of 1954 said it was concluded that there was no more quick and efficient way to alter a society than war. Problem-Reaction-Solution is how the Dialectic works politically. But what if there is a shortage of problems? Why you rent a mob to create them. Am I saying that's what happened here? I don't know, but after the last 100 years of bankster-controlled history, I sure can say it fits the pattern. One of their tools (Obama or Romney) will be in to carry forward the agenda of world domination. Writing that feels so nuts, but it is what it is, the Goldman Sachs boyz are all over the world consolidating everything. As predicted by the Word of God, so we see it all played out in real time. That's pretty exciting or terrifying, depending on your relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

And now we go to the official song of American foreign policy:
(someone could do a real funny parody of this)
who's Humvee is parked next door?

Update: An eyewitness testimony from Malaysia and the "protest" there:

I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at a friend's house last Friday. They stay directly across from the US embassy. Well, around 3PM we noticed the police blocking the major road out front of the embassy which is called Jalan Tun Razak. We anticipated some demonstrations since they plastered it all over the news, so we were very curious to look out the window. But, what we saw was more interesting than we could have imagined.
The police blocked the road off for a media scrum and the most piss poor ragtag "demonstration" I have ever seen. There were approximately 8 people protesting and probably 20 photographers and media people. It was the most contrived thing I have ever seen. The photographers were getting as close as possible to the demonstrators careful not to show the reality and shallowness of the situation. To say it was pathetic is an understatement.
The media is trying to paint something that is not... What's new, right? Just another day in the US / Isreali military and security complex.
When will folks wake up????
This Canadian reporter does a great job showing you how the Youtube video is a bunch of bull and their cover story is ridiculous. Also noted is how now Youtube videos may be cracked down on because they might kill!


  1. Although it will never happen, the best thing the US could do is to quit the UN and tell them to get their whore house out of NY and out of our country. Period! Full Stop! End of Story!

    1. That's a fantasy of mine as well. The UN is an instrument of the banksters and they don't hand over their toys voluntarily.

  2. A number of Arabic speakers translating the video of the Libyan people pulling Stevens out of the wreckage say they were trying to save him and cheered "Allahu Akbar" to express gratitude to God after determining he was alive. Translators said they were asking for a medic and asking for a car.

    It certainly looks to me like they were trying to save him and I believe that to be true. No one in the video was kicking or spitting on him. Of course, many are using it to foment more hatred towards all Muslims.

    As for Jim's comment above, wouldn't it be wonderful for the UN headquarters to be moved to Jerusalem? Then they all could see the results of many of their policies towards the ME firsthand.

    Great post as usual, rM. Thanks!

    1. I would not be surprised if this wasn't some kind of frame up. Indeed there is subterfuge at work, but being an English-only hillbilly, I don't have the facts and neither does anyone else over here that's talking. All we can do is use our brains a little bit when things don't add up, like phony Youtube videos killing Ambassadors.

      Thanks for the comment!


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