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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Forced to Attend a Mitt Event?

From the Raw Story, a tale of coal miners who called into a talk radio show claiming they were forced to attend a Mitt Romney event.
Yes, we were in fact told that the Romney event was mandatory and would be without pay, that the hours spent there would need to be made up my non-salaried employees outside of regular working hours, with the only other option being to take a pay cut for the equivalent time,” the employees told Blomquist. “Yes, letters have gone around with lists of names of employees who have not attended or donated to political events.”

Political Groove
“I realize that many people in this area and elsewhere would love to have my job or my benefits,” one worker explained. “And our bosses do not hesitate in reminding us of this. However, I can not agree with these callers and my supervisors, who are saying that just because you have a good job, that you should have to work any day for free on almost no notice without your consent.”
But wait, folks these charges are totally bogus! Listen to the boss-man explain:

Murray Energy Chief Financial Officer Rob Moore told Blomquist that the charges were untrue.
“There were no workers that were forced to attend the event,” Moore said. “We had managers that communicated to our work force that the attendance at the Romney event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend the event. We had a pre-registration list. And employees were asked to put their names on a pre-registration list because they could not get into the event unless they were pre-registered and had a name tag to enter the premises.” 

Isn't that totally crazy corporate-speak? It's mandatory, but no one was forced.  Then a long drawn out pointless argument ensues about how can we have a rally at a coal mine with no one in the mine continuing operations. How about you just have one in town?  This reminds me of North Korea. Mark my words, smiling Mitt  will serve up the middle class to the banksters with relish, that's what he's been groomed to do his entire life. Just like another little Harvard boy who occupies the Oval Office.


  1. This speaks volumes of what is to come under Romney.
    Revised words to an old Jerry Reed song, "He (Romney) got the coal mine and we got the staff" I didn't see anyone smiling except Romney.
    Pray that our country will repent.

    1. Ha, good one. I notice that too. They all looked forced to stand there.

  2. I listened to the 20 minute interview between Blomquist and Moore and felt like I was listening to Abbott and Costello.

    I've been through similar types of situations so many times in the military. Some lieutenant wanting to make a name for him or herself gives a goofy order to do something like this to look good in the eyes of the commander. Of course we'd simply explain that it was an unlawful order and we'd push the issue higher if that wasn't understood. It would be much different if it was an order to attend a "business" visit by a sitting member of Congress or the POTUS himself, but not to any old partisan political event. I don't even think ordering civilians employees to appear anywhere without pay is legal for either a government or private employer, not even to the company picnic or a holiday party.

    Moore tried to explain to Blomquist that it was at least a few mid-level managers mistakenly communicating that attendance was mandatory but it wasn't a company edict. He should have added thanks to Blomquist for bringing it to their attention; it was wrong and the misguided managers would be advised accordingly to ensure it never happens again. End of story.

    This whole situation is weird, for these are coal miners we're talking about here. I can't imagine many of them not having the gonads to tell their managers to stick it, instead of sucking it up, then crying to the media. Have they been emasculated? It's ok, looks like SEIU thugs are now hot on the trail and asking their friends in the Labor Department to investigate.

    1. Many hve been emasculated, some people are so fearful of not having a job, that they'll go along with anything. (ahem, TSA workers). Of course these could be union coal workers with an agenda, and that wouldn't surprise me either. I thought this whole thing was weird, but it smelled like yet another Romney setup event, as that is what candidates with no grassroots support do.

      I can tell you that for several years, in the school system, people are being taught that conflict is to be avoided at all costs. So we see a dramatic increase in those not taking up for themselves. Ergo so many societal problems.

    2. I'm not very trusting of unions. I would hope that Blomquist at least verified each of his sources to ensure they were employed by the company even if he keeps them anonymous just to make sure unions weren't pulling a fast one, but I'm not overly trusting of journalists either. Then there's absolutely trust for the vast majority of politicians, especially Romney. Darn, they're all suspect, so it's a crap shoot in a no win scenario. :)

      It's certainly a travesty about the school system, but I applaud you for home-schooling. I believe, as I'm sure you do since you're doing it, that it's preferable even to using private or charter schools instead of public schools, for it's one of the very few means we have left to take power back from the state and deny them the vehicle they're using to turn our children into herd animals.

    3. Lots of lying liars, makes you wonder who's cheatin' who, who's bein' true and who don't even care anymore...

      My kids are special because they can diagram sentences and write cursive. We're growing up to be such subversives.


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