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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, June 2, 2012

MUST SEE: Veteran Arrested, Groped, Forced Inoculated, etc.

You really need to hear his story!!!!

Upshot: one officer told him that they are going to have to get a "few of you" (Bilderberg protesters).

You might think people out protesting is just too far out for you. Let me put it into perspective - the people they are protesting have called for a culling of the human race. In my book, you can't scream and yell enough.

Update: A link to the original arrest. I will admit that he may have been provoking the officers.(If you count standing askew from the crowd a provoking act.) But it will be interesting to see what happens if what he is saying is proven true. I think the officers should have been directing the crosswalk and directing traffic instead of standing around. Their job is to create an orderly situation so that arrests are not necessary. But I think TPTB want arrests, want intimidation. They've gone through the Third World and now its our turn. Be alert, the banksters are turning on the hand that fed him.

Another Update: This story via (me) has become a hotcake on the Daily Paul. Check out the comments.

Yet Another Update: Those in the know had this to add:
And yes, it was a TB shot. I'm a friend of his, and spoke with him numerous times. He was told that they needed to know right then that if he did have TB (which he doesn't) that he wouldn't infect any other inmates. Come to find out that a TB shot takes approx 36 hours to take effect anyway! What can we do????????
I've also seen this reported elsewhere
 This man was rearrested on Saturday, 6/2 for the same type of bogus charges, AND is being held without bail until at least his court date on Monday 6/4! What can we do to help??? Just seems like there must be a way to make things right. I'm a "fixer". When there is a problem, I solve it. WHAT IS THE SOLUTION???


  1. Replies
    1. where you can be arrested as much as they want you to..

  2. Wonder if the Oath Keepers have this information and video!

    1. The Oath Keepers are there for sure!!!
      Look out for my Bilderberg roundup, featuring a great article at the Guardian where the Oathkeepers are described as keeping an eye out for knuckleheads on both sides.


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