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Monday, June 18, 2012

Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama

For those of you who follow the soap opera known as politics, this new article right here:

Rand Paul’s Oedipal Drama by Justin Raimondo 

provides plenty of entertainment!

In an alternately opaque and all-too-revealing interview with the Daily Paul web site, in which he tried to explain why he endorsed Mitt Romney, Sen. Paul actually said “It doesn’t mean anything.” I’m sure the Romney campaign will be quite glad to hear that.
However, a few minutes later he was infusing the endorsement with historic significance, telling his no doubt baffled and increasingly skeptical listeners it would open all kinds of doors for the “liberty movement,” among them the promise that “we are going to have a big influence over what happens with the platform.” Citing a laundry list of his own personal legislative goals – legalizing hemp, ending mandatory minimums for nonviolent crimes, auditing the Fed – he declared “we need to look beyond politics.”
To those Ron Paulians still fighting in the trenches – in Iowa, for example, where they won a hard-fought victory, or in Louisiana, where the Romneyites called the cops and shut down the delegate-selection process – hearing this must be absolutely infuriating. While the establishment Republican leadership is using every dirty trick in the book – and a few new ones – to stop Ron Paul’s duly-elected delegates from being seated, their candidate’s son is going over to the enemy!
Psychoanalysts of the Freudian school are sure to have fun with this case – a classicOedipal conflict, as only a high dramatist like Freud might have imagined it, acted out on the public stage. All that’s missing is the Greek chorus.
But wait – I think I hear them now….
via GrrrGraphics

Some wishy washy types out there just don't get what it means not to compromise your principles. Being stubborn person myself, I totally get it.  In the Liberty Movement, when someone in a leadership position starts pulling this double-speak crap, you label them compromised and move on. How ticked off are people at this Rand backstabbing incident? Enough to make a parody of Randal The Bruce:

Mute the raunchy Branson commercial.

Randal the Bruce by LA_Unofficial

If people who claimed to be conservatives had gone the "take no prisoners" approach a long time ago, we wouldn't be in all this mess. But then you have to realize that the banksters have owned both parties from the start and used sophisticated PR campaigns to sell you "selling out". Check out the entire article above for all the dish on Trygve Olson, the Establishment operative put in place to ensure that these upstarts didn't get out of their place.


  1. Rand Paul would have been better off to tell them to kiss off but he thinks they are going to let him have a seat at the table. Wrong! The Liberty Movement needs to keep the course. Like a line in a song in 60's ". .and the sign said long haired creepy people need not apply." That is the sign in front of the RNC and we are the long haired creepy people who think the status quo has got to go.

    1. Isn't it funny how mainstream republicans act like they're different than democrats because they've got "scruples", when in fact, they play the same games. When faced with real people with real principles, they totally freak out at not compromising.


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