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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Meet Your Elites: Dan Ackerson

Okay, I wasn't planning to highlight this guy, but Kid at Diary of a Right Wing Pussy Cat featured a video that really got me going. I'll just share it with you here and while you're watching it, keep in mind all we've learned about how Wall Street has been working with communism since that Red Oktober:

Now let's look at this tool, Dan Ackerson and see what this ol' boy is into:

That's supposed to say bankster cred under American Express, of which he is one the board of.
Pay special attention to the Carlyle Group, which is very central to the Elites plan somehow, someway. This is the group that George "New World Order" Bush Sr., who is employed with in some capacity that isn't totally on the up and up. For more information and the documentary connecting these dots, check out my post on the Carlyle Group here. Lots of shady stuff going on there.

Wonder how this guy feels about Ted Turner's population reduction agenda? Probably he's all for it, since he has no qualms whatsoever handing over an iconic American company to a tyrannical government that forces women to have abortions.

Check out all those Republican donations. Yeah, it's all Obama's fault. Yeah, Obama's a communist. Sure, but so is this guy in action and deed. But you'll not find the rah! rah! republican brigade writing sassy articles about Dan Ackerson will you? Yet this is the type of guy who will silently, with no media attention, sell this country out. It's been going on under everyone's noses for 100 years. Readers of my blog should know by now that it was a select few on Wall Street, with their willing accomplices in the State Department, that set up communism in Russia. This same crop of men manipulated the German economy in the 20s, built up a war machine in the 30s and as we are proving in my current Wall Street series, gave Hitler everything he needed to get the job done.

What should burn every American up is that GM was bailed out out with American tax money to practically merge with the Communist Chinese state. Boy, where have I heard that kind of talk before?

"We operate here under directives which emanate from the White House...The substance of the directives under which we operate is that we shall use our grant making power to alter life in the United States such that we can comfortably be merged with the Soviet Union." - Rowan Gaither, President, Ford Foundation, 1953 (as told to Norman Dodd, chief investigator of the Reece Committee)
When he says comfortable, he means for him and his cohorts. As in, Dan Ackerson isn't going to get strung up in a town square anywhere. That grant making power funded all the crap we have in our society today. It funded everything unAmerican you can imagine. All the "new fangled" education programs, all the gay stuff, all the crappy artsy stuff, the "experts" that tell you that boys and girls should have gender-neutral toys, promiscuity-Kinsey, etc. If you trace it back, you'll find the Foundations and behind them you'll find the organized money.

Speaking of foundations, you should have guessed that our boy Dan has his own foundation. Don't you know? Everybody who's anybody has their own tax-exempt foundations.His foundation is called the Blue Earth Foundation, with assets totaling almost $3,000,000 as of 2010. All I could find was a story where it gave $10K to Detroit Public Schools. Yeah, that's just like lighting up a roll of money. His foundation focuses on child education and welfare. Oh yes, mundanes, they'll get all our minds right in time.

So here you have another one of these oily tools: London School Econ (Keynesian: check); Donates heavily to apple pie and flag waving Republicans (USA!USA!: check); Managing director of the Carlyle Group (working with George Soros: hmmmm); worked with big media (mind control: check); etc.

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  1. Covetousness is killing the world.

  2. Thanks for the mention RM. fwiw, I'd like to add. I watch Jim Cramer's Mad Money on occasion and I happened to be watching months ago when the CEO of Ford was on there. He smiled the entire time, was upbeat about everything, introduced all sorts of new things they were doing to improve. etc.
    Contrast that with this guy who was on a couple months ago. I don't remember him smiling at all, spent the entire time talking about the 'challenges' GM was facing, very negative, very dark. And I thought at the time and still do, very Communist.

    There isn't an American company anywhere that I know personally, or know through standard business practice that would let such a whimpering fool like he was on National TV continue to be the CEO. No Way. Looks like we're gearing up for lowering the bar all over the place and calling it good.
    This is what happens and it's what is so hard to describe/verbalize to people that don't yet know their A from a hole in the ground.

    1. They've got to take us down a notch and other places up a notch so we'll all be "equal".

      What is an American company anymore? These multinationals are all in for the one-world government and are working hand in glove with the UN. They're hanging out at Bohemian Grove together and at all the round table groups together.

      I suspect Ford ties in with all this stuff on some level also. I see them interlocked with a lot of the same players.

  3. Haven't been over to Kid's spot today-will go and thank him...

    and- BTW-the difference between bho and romney IS!??!!
    rhetorical ? no need to answer...

    1. What's it called when a country has only one party? Oh yes, totalitarianism.

    2. You might want to read Geo. Washington's farewell speech. Might straighten you out on your facts!!!!

    3. I've read his speech, anon. What facts are you hoping to straighten me out on??? He said not to have the spirit of party. A totalitarian one party state is nothing BUT the spirit of party. George Washington advocated supporting people with principles, not blind support of factions which are more easily gamed than the timeless principles that our country was founded on.


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