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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Saving America: Step 2

Exit Public "Propaganda" Education

Oh here we go, I know some of you will say. Another home-school mom telling me to be like her because she's so awesome and thinks everyone should do as she does. Not so, I realize that some people are not mentally equipped to home educate their children. Not stupid people, but those with mental issues I have thought man, these people shouldn't be homeschooling. But I don't want a huge police state that would be have to be big enough to get into everyone's business to monitor that. So you get the parents you came with kids, ok? But when you compare the socialization skills of homeschooled kids to public school kids, it really is no contest. You see, most homeschooled kids have never experienced bullying (outside of their siblings of course) or peer pressure or having to ask permission of an authority figure for bathroom privileges. At least not on a consistent basis do they have to experience these things. There minds, as a result are conditioned differently.

My motivation for urging people to leave government school system is primarily self-preservation. Yes, home education builds stronger families, stronger faiths and produces independent people. Why do you think the banking cartel of the early 20th century worked overtime to destroy it? Home education was the primary mode of education at our founding and America had the highest literacy rate of just about any country. Since compulsory attendance laws were passed in this country, the literacy rate have declined precipitously since WW1.

 from Family of Flowers:

Again, it doesn't take a majority to make an impact. If only 10% of Americans would find alternate pathways to educate their children, we can circumvent the pro-liberal-environmentalist-homo propaganda that permeates the government-mandated curriculum. It's becoming obvious that the internet has made the old industrial-revolution style of learning obsolete. The banksters have recognized this and according to Charlotte Iserbyt are going to "privatize" the schools and move us all into charters. Yay, conservatives will shout. However, the same collectivist agenda will be taught there as well. Also Bill Bennett was trying to peddle a public school at home type of thing to homeschoolers and was frustrated when we didn't go for it. You see, many of us homeschoolers realize that if you allow the government to "give" you a goodie, no matter how small, they think they own you. Don't take any candy from these people, kids.

You would think with record unemployment rate there would be enough adults out there available to take our kids back from the system.

I'll not rewrite what I have already written about getting out of the public indoctrination system. You can check out my previous posts:

In order to help some of you get started, I'm introducing a new page on this site called, Homeschool Quick Start Program, to be handy for people to get clued in. 

The faster we get kids out of the controlled school system, the faster we can educate a new generation of unconditioned "free" people to question and undermine the central planners.

The bottom line is that the public school system was designed to destroy the American family and crush the minds of the young. Charlotte Iserbyt and John Taylor Gatto have done extensive work on this and I'll not regurgitate it here - I'll just leave you with these parting thoughts by the people who have been in charge.:

The kindergarten or infant school has a significant part to play in the child’s education. Not only can it correct many of the errors of home training, but it can also prepare the child for membership, at about the age of seven, in a group of his own age and habits—the first of many such social identifications that he must achieve on his way to membership in the world society. 
-UNESCO Training booklet 1951
The ordinary teacher spends a good share of her time changing the cultural
and intellectual habits which the child acquires from its family and surrounding culture. Or else the teacher duplicates home training, in a complete waste of time. Here we can almost say that the school is the family, and vice versa. [emphasis in original]
-- BF Skinner, Walden II 1948
Large families can be changed from an economic asset to an economic liability if all members of society can be offered the prospect that through work, saving, and deferred spending they can achieve economic security for themselves and their children. For the already affluent middle class, larger families can be made an economic liability by increasing the incentives for and the costs of advanced education for their children....
Cultural changes to reduce the social pressure to marry and have a family can be pursued by changing educational materials which glorify married life and family life as the only “normal” life pattern, by granting greater public recognition to non-married and non-family life styles, by facilitating careers for single women....
--Revised report of population subcommittee, Governor's Advisory Council on Environmental Quality” for the State of Michigan,  April 6, 1971
 College is a whole other post:)


  1. Hopefully your message will reach a lot of parents. Your "Homeschool Quick Start Program" should be a great help for many parents that want to take their children out of public schools but they don't know how to get started. I have lived outside the country for so long that I know very little about homeschooling. Another blogger who is a homeschool teacher lead me to believe that some homeschool teachers will accept other peoples children as well. Is that true or does it become a private school at that point. It would certainly be helpful for families where both parents work.

  2. It depends on the requirements of each state. Recently, TN has relaxed the law so that a parent can designate who they want to tutor their child in lieu of school. I read in the John Adams biography of "dame schools" where local kids would gather in one ladies' house for lessons. There are many parents who co-school, where a few families will gather at each others houses and take turns doing school. There are a lot of options and I would like to see a cooperative effort, maybe on the part of retired homeschool parents to help get kids out of there.

  3. I've taken the leap this year! Just our first week, but I am totally stoked. Kansas has a Virtual School program which is still county-run, and so they send the curriculum, but as long as your kid runs thru the easy "checkpoints" online, you are good to go.


  4. I dispise our education system. When I have children I want them homeschooled.

  5. Way to go Linda, but be careful, don't take any wooden nickels from these people. Counties get grants and funding from the State. I'm sure your kids are thrilled!


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