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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, August 29, 2011

Bachmann Wants to Repeal the EPA, eh?

Michelle Bachmann seems to want it both ways. In one way, she wants to be all - out against the Federal Government by saying she'd do away with the EPA, calling it a "job killing agency". But on the other hand, when it comes to getting Federal "freebies", Bachmann lines up with both hands out:

In February of last year, Bachmann wrote to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, requesting that EPA support a $270,806 grant application designed to help a St. Cloud, Minn., bus company replace two older motor coaches.
“Voigt’s Bus Service, with Community Transportation, Inc., is committed to bringing long-term benefits to the environment and the economy and they wish to accomplish this through the Clean Diesel Grant Program,” Bachmann wrote.
Bachmann, as a first-term House member, co-signed a 2007 letter asking for more assistance from the “job killing agency.”

Some might say I'm being unfair, but listen up people: we don't have time to fool around with candidates who don't know what's going on. It is true that the EPA needs to be abolished and was designed to put America at a disadvantage so that in "Grand Chessboard" manner, out manufacturing would be offshored and our wealth liquidated. Remember what we've learned here about the Rockefellers and the CFR; they hid behind their man Nixon to set up the whole EPA and a host of other regulatory agencies to put America at a disadvantage, as other countries don't have to abide by these regulations.

With all that's at stake, I find pimping out your principles for roughly a quarter mil in motor coaches a pretty cheap sell-out. I'm just a mom with kids still at home and a mountain of laundry, and I can figure this stuff out. Is it too much to ask that a sitting Congresswoman with grown kids do the same? I guess it's just easy to keep playing the banksters game until we're all out of chips.


  1. Yeah, she screwed up, didn't she? I really like Bachman, but I can't get past the fact that she voted to re-up the Patriot Act. She's going to have to clear the air on that one--and promise to shut it down or neuter it so that it doesn't give the government open access to trounce on liberties--which is does now.

  2. Good point on the Patriot act - probably need to do a point by point expose on each candidate so we know what we're getting. I wish there were more Republican candidates who didn't have bankster goo all over their hands, but that's where we're at. I can't get over her saying she joined the IRS to "know the enemy" - can you see the attack ads now? oy.

  3. We are getting past the point of no return. Either we find another candidate to run, or we will have to pick the best of the bad. Romney,nix, Perry, nix. Then what do we have? Still waiting for the white horse as opposed to the dark. Paul, for me, is just too far out there regarding our military defense. At least I do not think Bachmann is evil

  4. Don't you just hate it when politicians behave like politicians? I do. I wish I could remember which Congressman it was who made the following response after being criticized for voting for some pork project for his State: "well, you know I'm against all this government waste , but hey, if their going to do it anyway, I'm going to make sure my constituents get some of the benefits."

  5. Ron Paul is the real thing, in my opinion. He has never done as Michelle Bachmann has. He is the only American in 300,000,000 who has a solid Congressional record of voting with the Constitution.

    Many conservatives have a problem with Paul because they have been mis-educated by the big conservative media. I know I was! Then I started to read up on the money and interests flowing in and out of the middle east, and I began to see where Ron Paul was coming from.

    Remember what we've been learning in the Wall Street series - Rep. Charles Lindbergh was one of the few to point out the money changing hands and the real reason behind that war. I can tell you that Ron Paul knows the score with the banksters and their war machine. He is actually the last hold-out for the traditional conservative foreign policy outlook. Well, him an my congressman, Jimmy Duncan.

    I will have to hash this all out in a post to help people see the light.

  6. I appreciate your efforting in Paul's behalf, and enjoy your posts. I must say, at times, I feel it is a bit condescending in your approach. I am happy to read what you have to say. Regarding my need to "see the light" is a bit over the top, and you may be turning folks off who might otherwise appreciate your deep digging. I hope you take this iin the spirit given,

  7. Maybe your opinion is true and accurate but: What's wrong with using all the tools at your disposal? And in the overall scheme of things, this is 'chump change' as an issue.

    If you're going to work in the crankcase, you're going to get some oil on you is all I'm saying. Your never going to Shirley Temple or Mother Teresa in politics.
    Or more to the point, how does she stack up against the contenders in these kinds of categories.
    I won't support republican or Tea Party cndidates 'voting for the HC bill or the cap and trade', but this is meaningless to me.

    So, whilst looking for Mother Teresa we end up with some scum sucking Democrat again? Not for me thanks.

  8. RM, PS, I'd vote for Ron Paul, but I don't think he's electable. IMHO, perfection on this rock flying through space is Not possible.

  9. @b - I didn't think about "seeing the light" as condescending, I just used that term to describe my own journey from traditional conservative to seeing what is really going on behind the scenes of American foreign policy.

    @kid - I know that there is not a perfect candidate, but as a hard-core Bible-thumper, Michelle freaks me out - the stuff she says makes her more unelectable than Ron Paul IMHO. People say Ron Paul is unelectable because they've been drumming that into us for four years now. So we think that everyone else believes that too. Classic propaganda war.

  10. Well, she hardly freaks me out. She speaks and defends herself 100 times better than these republican clowns that have come along to run for Pres. Though I think Perry may do well in that category, and Ron Paul is fine with me.

    But outside of Ron, Michele is the only one Ive heard talking about rollong back the liberal/communist agenda. If we don't do That, then it doesn't matter who gets in there. The Dems will be back in power in 4-8 or 12 and pick up rihgt where they left off, and you can bet there is plenty of ammo being hidden in these bills the last 2.5 years and will be in the next 1.5 years that they can hitt he ground running with it again.

    Yea, religion doesn't occur to me when I think conservative, it is unfortunate in a way that so many conservatives are so vocal with their religion. Religion, Abortion, and all the other issues the democrat media squeal about during an election cycle have nothing to do with the White House. To some extent the Supreme Court so there is that, but no one is going to force religion on anyone. The whole process is absurd.

    Whoever wins, I want them dismantling the liberal machine, Ed, energy, EPA, and a whole rat's nest of money sucking ostructionist to progress departments.

    Otherwise just paint me happy I don't have to hear from the imbecile obama on a regular basis, but not the least bit excited about future prospects.

  11. Kid, you are so right that we have to roll back the liberal/commie agenda. It's all over if we don't get it right. We need to repeal a whole lot of stuff for sure.

    My point is that Michelle seems to be vocal about her faith, which is fine, but it seems to be really strained as if its for show or something. But you are right, religion for the most part is a distraction libs use to keep us off topic.

    Ron Paul seems to me the grown-up I would rather see in charge given his record and his break with Reagan over Dept of Ed. Remember that the great Reagan campaigned on getting rid of the Dept of Ed, but never did. That's when Ron Paul stopped supporting Reagan, meaning he's serious about that stuff. We need someone hard-core - as in putting the last 80 years of legislation in a gigantic tree chipper - to get us back on track.


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