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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Obama, Shariah Law, and the Bigger Picture

So I was thumbing through Jerome Corsi's book "Where's the Birth Certificate?" and I get to this one part that really got me thinking. The section title read "Obama Spent Millions to get Kenya's New Constitution Ratified" and I was wondering what was all that about and you could have knocked me over with a feather. A group of Republican congressman has revealed that...

..the Obama administration secretly spent $23 million on a comprehensive new constitution that would increase access to abortions in Kenya and establish legal status for Shariah,  or Islamic law, tribunals. USAID admitted to the expenditures in July 2010.

Meanwhile the White House used VP Joe Biden's June 2010 Kenyta trip and the office of US Ambassador to Kenya Michael E Ranneberger to spread the message that a "yes" vote would allow the White House to open the floodgates and allow millions of dollars of additional US government aid and private investment capital to flow into Kenya.
We know that the globalists are pro-eugenicist human-hating control freaks hell-bent on controlling population growth, so the incresed access to abortions doesn't surprise me, but what is up with expanding Shariah law? Some would argue that Obama has a Muslim heritage and has a deep-seated wish to see Islam spread. Given his background and behavior, I don't see it. It has been conjectured that both his mom and dad were involved in CIA intelligence, and the American side of his family was bankster connected through the Chase bank in Hawaii. Remember that his mom worked for Tim Geitner's dad Peter in the Ford Foundation - the same foundation that brought us La Raza, the feminazi movement and the homosexual movement. However, let's examine the players in this little blurb.

USAID or the US Agency for International Development which was created by an executive order of JFK is supposed to help third world nations. How is getting them them to sign on to a constitution that supports shariah law by using propaganda and freebies, helping out Kenya? Okay, let's look at the map and see how the people who are currently in the USAID are plugged into the bankster matrix. I'm only including those who have worked or associated with this organization within the last 15 years, so I'm excluding people like John Bolton who were there 30 years ago to be fair. I may also have included borderline cases if they are really, really connected. As a side note, I learned that a lot more people are related to each other than I had previously realized. Sebelius' dad was Governor of Ohio, Carl Levin's brother Sandy is a Congressman, Douglas Bennet has one son who is a US Senator, and the other was president of NPR, etc.
USAID - check muckety map here
The stupid nndb maps haven't been saving right lately, so I'll refer you to the muckey map of this group.

Anyhow, you see that the big players of the NGO game are in the mix, the CFR, the World Bank, and all of your roundtable groups. I'm not saying that everyone on this list approves of the Obama administration's support of Sharia Law, but it does show you who the USAID office has had employed in the recent past and how they roll with their associations. Some mighty big corporations are also represented. Note that with the constitution passage we have "private investment capital flow to Kenya".

It would seem to me that Sharia or the Muslim Menace is the new Communism. Are you saying the spread of Islam isn't dangerous? Of course not, no more than the spread of communism was dangerous. Remember that practitioners of communism slaughtered more people than anything else in recorded history. Readers of this blog should know where communism got its start, which got me to thinking, who is really funding Sharia and the spread of Islam? Here in Tennessee, we have Somali refugees who are hard-core muslims being transplanted to the Bible belt. Who's behind that? The bankster-funded UN is behind that in conjunction with big corporations. Don't think for a minute these people are stupid or don't know what they're doing. They'll take down America from the inside, as Abraham Lincoln said that's they only way it could happen. What better way to leave us defenseless than having our military dispersed all over the world and inserting destabilizing elements? Let's breifly go through history off the top of my head.

1913 - The Federal Reserve Act and the IRS formed to usurp America's money supply.
1917-1919 The New York Federal Reserve bank president, William Boyce Thompson funnels large amounts of cash to the Bolsheviks, allowing them victory over the White and Green armies cementing their control over Russia.
1929 The Wall Street banksters lit the fuse that began the Great Depression by massively reducing the New York money supply

1930s The banksters' man FDR worked overtime to insert as many planks of the Communist Manifesto as he possibly can during the created crisis of the Great Depression.
1947- War Powers Act supported by CFR-bankster types allows secrecy from the American people of US government's activities in foreign countries, plus the military gets pulled into UN police actions, etc. making big bucks for the defense contractors, of which the banksters are heavily invested.
1962- State Dept Publication 7727 comes out suggesting that the US and Russia downsize our militarizes while up-sizing the UN's military might. I would argue that has effectively already happened as anytime the UN (banksters) want something enforced, its the red, white and blue to the rescue. Oh, did you think "we the people" are still in control of our military? hahahaha.
1970s - These monied interests start looking toward the muslim markets. How can they gain control?
This is when American oil went overseas and many muslim princes got wealthy. This is where our government armed the Muslim radicals over the Soviets, whom the banksters also funded.
1980s- Banksters played Iran against Iraq, following The Rothschild Way of making money off of both sides. It was then that Saddam got his WMDs, etc.
1990s - Soviet union collapses and along with it, the reason for our military buildup. At this point, the elite shifts to another menace, Islam, which if properly funded and supported, can in fact, kill a lot of people. This fits in with their depopulation agenda and muslim terrorists attacks are the most excellent crisis by which they exploit American fear by which to change America to a more controlled central state. TSA, that's not a pickle in his pocket and no, he is not happy to see you!

Ron Paul is the only Republican presidential candidate that gets all of this and states that he is unequivocally against it.  His foreign policy is not idealistic, but reminiscent of George Washington's Farewell Address. Some might argue that the world is different today. Yes today's world is controlled by an oligarchical elite which gained power by convincing Americans to ignore President Washington's advice. What we've got here is failure to communicate as we have lived under a Praetrorian Guard military model for so long, many of us don't remember life without it. Anyway, I'd like to share how my conservative congressman, Jimmy Duncan, took on TPTB  via the Metro Pulse:

"I'd voted for the first Gulf War, and thought at the end of that war we'd been over-briefed, that the threat [to us] had been exaggerated." What he was reading in '02 were warnings of the same thing.

Duncan says he was called to the White House, along with other GOP members of the House who were leaning against the war, in the days before the Iraq vote. They were briefed by the president's then-National Security Advisor, Condoleeza Rice, and then-CIA Director George Tenet. Duncan says he listened to the briefing, and posed his argument:

"I told them that if I could get past the traditional conservative positions against massive foreign aid, deficit spending, and being the policeman to the world, I could maybe side with them.

"I asked what Saddam Hussein's military budget was and was told it was less the two-tenths of one percent of ours.

"I remembered then that Lawrence Lindsey, chairman of the president's Council of Economic Advisors, had said a war with Iraq would cost us $100 to $200 billion, and Condy said, ‘Oh, no, it won't cost us anything like that.'"

"They fired Lindsey," Duncan says, for suggesting that kind of potential war cost. He quickly points out that the war's cost is now well past $700 billion and growing, solidifying his sentiments against it.

Duncan stuck with conservative traditions as he saw them and has kept to his word, voting against the war and its funding on a regular basis, despite accusations from some quarters that he fails to "support our troops." Duncan bristles at that claim. Support of the troops, he says, meant never sending them into Iraq and now means bringing them home.

"The admirals and generals always give us glowing reports. You know what Gen. [David] Petraeus is going to say. They've been saying, ‘We're making progress over there,' all along, while the situation has been deteriorating, all along," Duncan says.

Just a case study in the traditional conservative foreign policy tradition. A John Stockwell mashup to finish this post and give you food for thought:


  1. Outstanding! Another aspect that most people are not aware of is the competition with China in Africa. China is colonizing Africa, and the western nations are countering this with increased military operations. Like the cold war both sides are being funded by the international bankers.

  2. So true, Trestin. Each side doesn't really understand where their money is coming from, creating a perpetual war situation. Thanks for the insight.


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