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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Homeland Security is Deporting My Brother

My brother in Christ, Mosab Hassan Yousef, is being targeted by Homeland Security for deportation. Maggie's Notebook has the initial story which I saw on Camp of the Saints. From Maggie:

Mosab Hassan Yousef, known as The Son of Hamas, has been targeted by Homeland Security for deportation. Yousef is a Palestinian. His father is a Hamas leader. Mosab was an agent for Israel’s Mossad for many years. In a strange turnaround in his life, Mosab was imprisoned in Israel for ten years, witnessed the torture of Hamas members by Hamas member and met a tourist who led him to convert from Islam to Christianity.
Today, Mosab Yousef lives near San Diego. He is officially seeking asylum in the United States, but Homeland Security says he is a security threat (translated: he’s a Muslim with the audacity to convert and…he supports Israel); DHS wants to send him back to Palestine where he will be put to death. Yousef will go before a San Diego judge on June 30th to determine his status in this country.
He has written a book Son of Hamas, so check it out if you can.
Here he tells his story on Sean Hannity:

Please pray for my brave brother Mosab for God's protection. Here is the contact information for Homeland Security, if you feel inclined to let them know how you feel. This is an outrage of the highest order. The Bush protesters were right about Homeland Security being a unconstitutional. How long before the rest of us our security threats (to their collectivist agenda)?


  1. Great message, republican Mother. I hope many of us can all work together on this.

  2. We definitely need to start a campaign of calling and writing Homeland security to let them know that we are taking notice. If they don't drop this between now and then, maybe protests at the court house on June 30th and at every Homeland Security office. Will be thinking on this.

  3. So, the one Palestinian we can pretty much count on not strapping on a bomb and praising Allah while blowing up anybody he can is in danger of being deported, while our president hangs out with actual terrorists, and his fiercest supporters help organize ploys meant to draw Israel into yet another PR crisis. It makes me too tired to even type anymore about it. We are doomed as a nation. We really are.


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