Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Demoralization of Structures: Our Protective Forces

The forces that protect the citizens of the United States includes the intelligence community, the police, and military. I don't really have to tell you that these groups have long been under assault by leftists in all areas of life: academia, media, and government. I am going to present to you what Yuri Bezmenov said over 25 years ago. Just think about how intensified this process has become since that time.

To demoralize America's PROTECTIVE FORCES it is enough to make your kids call the police “pigs” and “fascists” for a decade, disband police agencies watching over subverters and radicals by calling them “spies” (that is exactly what American Union of Civil Liberties did), stage campaign after campaign of discreditation and “investigation” of the “wrongdoings” of the police, and in 20 years you arrive at the present situation, when the majority of civilian population of this nation is virtually without civil laws or protection from murderers, lunatics, criminals, etc. Can you now expect your police and civil authorities to protect you and your family in case of terrorist attack or a major civil disturbance?
Joe McCarthy and Congressman Reece can testify to the campaign of discrediting that the ACLU perpetrated against them. I think every US History textbook in the nation has a little chapter about how wacko McCarthy was and will always mention the word "paranoia" in the same paragraph. As far as not having protection against lunatics and criminals, that is right on as we let these people out of jail who don't need to be running around loose. I can't let my kids out of my sight because you don't know what nuts are running around loose. That really bugs me as I'd like for them to go play a long way off sometimes.

The American FBI and CIA have had no better treatment. Americans are MADE to believe that your own security agencies pose more danger than the Soviet KGB. There were dozens of “revelations” and exposés on the CIA during the last 10 to 15 years. But there was not a SINGLE public trial of any Soviet agent of the KGB caught in the USA “red-handed.” There were numerous expulsions of Soviet 'diplomats' yes. But an equal or greater number of them came to America to replace their 'fallen comrades.’

There is not a SINGLE law in America which could be used to legally persecute KGB agents for ideological subversion. But there is a law that prevents your CIA from using YOUR media to vindicate their acts to protect YOU against the KGB subversion. Your media and your Hollywood entertainers lovingly repeat every fabrication of Soviet propaganda regarding the CIA 'atrocities,’ mixing it with truth, half-truth and blatant lie. Demoralizers like Larry Flint regularly entertain the public with juicy stories about ‘CIA assassinations’ sandwiched between pornographic pictures in his magazine. Do you remember when you saw an American film or read a book about the 'good CIA'? I do not imply that pornographer Flint or members of Rockefeller Commission on CIA are on the KGB payroll. But obviously pornography, as well as political prostitution pays. It sells 'Hustler' magazine, it sells politicians... and it kills the security of America. Criticism of the KGB does not pay. In fact, critics of KGB subverters may get killed in the process. What are you, my dear Americans? A nation of masochists and cowards? When you read and listen to all this dirt poured upon your security agencies by the media and politicians, can't you realize, that the most just and factual criticism of the CIA is wrongly addressed? Security agencies of America (unlike the KGB) are INSTRUMENTS in the hands of a nation and her elected POLITICIANS. One should not blame an instrument, when it is the OPERATOR's fault. If the instrument malfunctions-- CORRECT it, and don't use a hammer where a fine screwdriver is needed.
 Are we a nation of cowards? We take a lot more crap than our forebears would have, that's for sure. We didn't stand up for our people in the intelligence agency back before and when Clinton was giving a lot of them the axe. I'm not sure if they've been replaced by leftist supporters by now, but we have failed in not pushing back against the media and the ACLU back when all this was just getting started. Why? We've been too distracted by our mass culture and buying cheap crap from China, not to mention houses brought to us by the Community Reinvestment Act.

Very often American media presents a picture of CIA and FBI as a 'mirror reflection' of the KGB and its 'fraternal services.’ False. The KGB is a POWER which systematically and ruthlessly MURDERED about SIXTY MILLION of my countrymen, and still engages in the killing of innocent defenseless people all over the world. How many were killed by the CIA? Do numbers (and 'quality' too) matter at all to you? Or was comrade Stalin right, when he said that ONE person shot is a tragedy, but 1 million is statistics'?
Yuri illustrates moral relativity on display, with absolutely no reason or facts coming into this thinking process. Don't even acknowledge the genocide-level exterminations perpetrated by the KGB, just tell the world that they're just like us!

Now let's look at how you treat your military. What is the image of the military presented to you and the rest of the world in the American press and the electronic media? If there is a U.S. general, he is called a trigger-happy 'warmonger,’ a 'hawk' and 'aggressor.’ One of the most popular TV series-- M.A.S.H.-- presents your military as a bunch of very humorous, hysterically funny bunch of psychotics, queers, alcoholics and otherwise rather unruly characters. Recently I saw a film titled “Rage,” where the Pentagon is depicted as a cruel experimenter, testing chemical weapons on unsuspecting American farmers. And it is shown on TV exactly at the very same time when Soviets are using chemical weapons in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Laos, and provide the same to their Iraqi 'brothers 'for their fraternal genocide in Persian Gulf. Have you EVER seen a movie or a TV series about THAT? Every American student knows the name of the Vietnamese village Mi-Lai and what it stands for, namely, an “American war crime.” Do you remember the name of the Soviet pilot who shot down the Korean passenger airliner with 269 passengers aboard, including some 60 Americans and a US senator? Do you remember the name of that senator [actually, Congressman]? Does anybody in America EVER learn from American media the names of thousands of Cambodian and Afghani villages TOTALLY EXTERMINATED by the Soviet military? Where is Jane Fonda and Dr. Spock, who used to express so much concern and love for Vietnamese and Cambodians when the US military was there?
And to think that we're gong to be giving away "restraint awards" to those soldiers who resist the urge to fire. It's so ludicrous, it almost has to be part of some kind of conspiracy. The name of the congressman Yuri alludes to is Larry McDonald, who I've mentioned before on this blog. He was to the right of Ron Paul, if you can imagine it. But the point is made that the media is very selective in finding a crisis. Guantanamo Bay has scrolled off the headlines as long as they didn't need it anymore. The American media never mentions the millions of Christians living under persecution in the world, many of them under Islamic tyranny. They only promote those things that will advance their own twisted ideology. The joke is, of course, is that they are the useful idiots that Mr. Bezmenov says will be lined up against the wall and shot as soon as their usefulness has reached its end.
The 'double standard' applied and enforced and LEGITIMIZED by the manipulators of public opinion in the USA is a direct result of the long-term process of the DEMORALIZATION of the IMAGE of the US MILITARY in the minds of millions all over the world. The result? Study the chart...

Let's look at the chart -  its says that the result of subversion of the protective forces structure or institution is defenselessness. Now who would want to do a thing like that?

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