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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, October 1, 2012

Is CCM Going to be the Soundtrack for the Antichrist?

Here I am trying to get back into the groove after my procedure at the urologists Friday.

Is it just me or does Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) really, really stink. I try to listen to it fairly, but it seems to me that these stations play the same songs over and over and the lyrics don't ring Biblically true to me consistantly.

And the banter of the DJs is totally weird. One day driving along, I hear the DJ girl say how awesome Hilary Clinton is and how hard she works. I won't dispute that she works hard, but why is a Christ-professing station using airtime to give props to an abortion-promoting, possible occultist?

One time the DJs were going on and on about the new IPhone, totally ignoring the fact they are made with Chinese slave labor and the brethern cannot worship freely there without being forced into a reeducation camp. It really is disgusting for someone like me, who is aware of what is going on to listen to this tripe when we are on the very cusp of the end of the church age.

Getting into the music, I pick up elements of pantheism, vague references to God, being "in love" with God (a term that will confuse unbelievers), and lyrics that cannot be Biblically defended. My daughter is really interested in this area and has been playing some of the songs backward to see if there are messages (like Stairway to Heaven), and there are in some of the Mercy Me songs and others- it's really creepy. I guess I'd rather he be doing that than whatever it is most girls her age are into.

Listening to the music going down the road, the naive Chrisian will not think very deeply, and will just assume that the references to God and Christ are the God and Christ that they worship.  However, the "serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field" and is the orgininal twister of words. I wonder if the Antichrist will not use these same anthems to refer to himself. The more generic and less biblical the lyrics, the more able he will be able to insert himself to the archetype of God Himself. This is part of Lucifer's Five Point Plan as outlined in Isaiah 14. He wants to become like the Most High and wants to be worshipped.

In case you're not a churchgoer, there has been a viscious push in the last 20 years to get regular hymns out of the church and replace it with the modern sound to "attract" young people. Anyone objecting was dismissed as unloving and not a team player. I think the transition to worshipping the Antichrist will go so much smoother with peppy, generic and religious music already in the system.

Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This is DC Talk a band formed at Liberty University in 1987 and their song "Consume Me". The part that gets me is when they talk about how God invades our space. How can that be true when we live on HIS creation.

Does this video remind you of a certain movie? It made me think of Clockwork Orange instantly. Lots more weirdness out there to discover, but that's enough for one day.


  1. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is what people need. To understand that they are sinners and to repent of their sins. Entertainment evangelism is exactly that and the attitude of whatever it takes to get them in the church is not Biblical. An old evangelist told me years ago,"If you have to feed them hamburgers to get them to come to church, what happens when you stop feeding them hamburgers?"

    1. Its funny you mention hamburgers, because I've heard more than one pastor refer to McDonald's and selling hambugers as a metaphor for bringing people in the church. It really disgusts me. You'd think not wanting to burn forever in a devil's hell would be enough motivation, but I guess some "churches" don't ever mention that part.

  2. Jesus had his loaves and fishes. Enough said.

    1. Yes, and many of the people who followed after Him for the miracle show and food, were later shouting Crucify! Crucify!. How blessed we are to be able to see the whole picture of human nature presented in the Bible to guide our footsteps more perfectly.


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