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Friday, August 3, 2012

Federal Collaborators in Tennessee

Mark them, and see how they operate.

or back-stabbing RINOS
I was against Haslam from the beginning because I knew, I knew, I KNEW that he was in the pocket of the NWO/Shadow Government/Elite or whatever you want to call it when he went along with the ICLEI/Agenda 21 for Knoxville. Of course when you say things in a southern accent and downplay, these things don't sound so scary to the uninformed. They're not going to come out and say that Agenda 21 is the inventory and control over every single piece of real estate, puddle of water, resource and person on planet Earth. That tends to turn people off.

I 'd just like to share the latest of what this collaborator is up to. I hate to use harsh language, but if you don't get what's going on at this point, I don't know how to help you. Check out these articles on the Tennessee Campaign for Liberty:

Governor Haslam BEGS for Feds to tax the internet. He went up to Congress earlier this week to ask the Judiciary Committee to consider taxing the internet. They're really going after that here because we don't have an income tax and everyone goes across the multi-state long border to lower state sales tax for the big purchases. We don't need more taxes, because so much of what the government does is superfluous and outside of their constitutional directives. I won't shop Amazon anymore because of the new tax I'm supposed to voluntarily fork over. Either add Tennessee sales tax to my order or drop it, I say.

Governor Haslam working to implement Obamacare in Tennessee. Brace yourself for the betrayal, folks. The argument that Haslam and the TN RINO brigade are trying to justify the implementation of Obamacare by saying it would be better if we Tennesseans rework Obamacare for our state. BULLLLLLLL!!!! We need to get our Andy Jackson on and call these peeps a den a vipers and thieves and rout them out by the Almighty God.  Here are some more links from the article. Mark the mechanisms and watch for them in your state:

There is talk of a special session of the General Assembly to sneak this in after the election but before the 2013 session (Tennessean newspaper). Governor Haslam is unsure what to do about Obamacare (WPLN). TN Speaker Harwell and Lt. Gov Ron Ramsey attempt to push the Obamacare vote until after the election - TN Government has already taken the grant from the feds to accept the insurance exchange which is also discussed here (Knoxville News). Here is the actual document detailing the grant.
From an obscure TN government document planning the exchange (TennCare):
Each State electing to establish an Exchange must adopt the Federal standards contained in this law and in this proposed rule, or have in effect a State law or regulation that implements these Federal standards. Section 1311(k) further specifies that Exchangesmay not establish rules that conflict with or prevent the application of regulations promulgated by the [Federal] Secretary.”
Another obscure document from the TN government regarding the implementation of the exchange.
Why the state government should reject the insurance exchanges (Cato Institute): information (NRO) by Cato scholar Mr. Cannon:
- Michael Cannon of Cato's testimony before the Missouri Senate - A New Cato Study: ObamaCare’s Medicaid Mandate Imposes Staggering Costs on States- The Cato Institute explains the taxing distinction of the Obamacare ruling: (video)
- Cato Congressional Testimony - Should States Create An Exchange?
"The Court put in their decision to limit the federal government's ability to force state governments to expand their Medicade program... "the state governments can block half of Obamacare's new entitlement spending by refusing to expand their Medicade program. If the states also refuse to create an insurance exchange, then they can block the other half of Obamacare's new entitlement spending. State governments are really in the driver's seat here. They can effectively stop the new spending under this law just by refusing to create an exchange, and by refusing to expand their Medicade programs; that has to make the Obama Administration very nervous" - Michael F. Cannon, Director of Health Policy Studies at the conservative Cato Institute.
Americanist, Mickey White lists all the failures of Bob Corker. He catalogs the voting record of Bob Corker, in case you need convincing. I heard that local host Michael Deljourno has endorsed Zach Poskevich.

This is just to let everyone know that the state government, who also allows the TSA brownshirts on our highways, (although I've never seen them in action on the highway, but I don't get out much.)

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