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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Chipping our Soldiers

This article came from the New American on the chipping of the American soldier:

According to Albrecht, the use of injectable microchips that do not necessarily track people could eventually lead to calls for systems that do. And while she does not expect the government to ever force Americans to accept the chip at “gunpoint,” the gradual process of expanding the whole system should be halted now — before it is too late. Captive audiences like soldiers and prisoners, she told World Net Daily, are merely a stepping stone to broader use.      
The proposed DARPA system would work by pumping unimaginably small “nanosensors” into the human body to monitor stress levels, inflammation, diseases, nutrition, and more. In addition to feeding doctors real-time information on the physiological state of individual U.S. troops, DARPA hopes to further develop the technology so that it could actually work to treat the problems from within. The agency expects to begin working on the treatment aspect of the program in late 2012.   
 “The military runs on the strength of its soldiers, and this latest innovation holds promise to bolster the U.S. armed forces by decreasing preventable illnesses and keeping its men and women at the peak of their health,” claimed Kate Knibbs in an article touting the implants for Mobiledia, a technology-focused news outlet that was among the first to break the story. 
Gee, Kate, you guys are concerned about their health, but don't seem to blink an eye at the fact that more soldiers commit suicide than are killed on the battlefield. And thanks to the NDAA includes the whole wide world.
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  1. Scary stuff, rM. They'll play hell finding me here in the bowels of socialism.

  2. Ou5r Best have been used as 'guinea pigs' forever!

    new vaccines- test them on our troops- test for _____- test it on our troops--trackers- test them on our troops-
    'Nothing new here- just move on'


    1. H. Kissinger did say that they were dumb animals (military), but now he's denying. There's not a stupid war he hasn't willy nilly gotten them to fight for him and his employers.

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