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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Layers of the Onion

I was inspired by this lecture I found over at Trestin Meacham via Classic Liberal. It is Antony Sutton laying it out how the monopolists used the ideology of socialism to captivate the markets of the east.

Here are the best lines:

The battle for American independence can only be won with facts.

To eliminate freedom, one must first eliminate widespread knowledge of the truth.

According to Sutton, there are three levels of history knowledge. Remember that history repeats itself and if you don't know the past correctly, how can you predict the future?

Level 1

Level 1 is the Establishment version history. As I've highlighted on this site, all of the textbook publishers in this country are run by just a few companies, all of which are somehow interlocked with the CFR and other Establishment organizations. For instance, just ask anyone why the United States went into WW1. Those under the age of 40 will just look at you confused, trying to place when WW1 was. Those who are older might be able to recall that the Lusitania was sunk. But almost no one will be able to tell you the fishy business associated with the sinking and WW1 in general. The fact that her escort ships were no where to be found at the time of the attack, the fact that the British had broken German code and should have known where every U-boat was. Not to mention the immense amount of money that was made in WW1 and documented by the most decorated marine in history, General Smedley Butler who famously said War is a Racket. Ok, WW1 is just one example, but when you get into the old newspaper articles and government files, you begin to realize that what you were taught in your state-approved textbook and on the History channel doesn't reflect with what  really happened.

Level 2

This next level doesn't get to the real nitty gritty, but is based on the government info that you have been "permitted" to view. Keep in mind that our government has 16 million classified government documents that you drones are not worthy to read from last year alone. A lot of the JFK conspiracy theories fall into this category says Dr. Sutton. You know that there is something that is not quite right about the official line, but you can't put your finger on it. I would say that a growing number of people are in this category.

Level 3

This level operates on base documentary evidence such as internal government documents, transcripts of congressional committees, and military records. The problem is that many of these are classified for 75 years. Don't you think that's a little excessive? Who's going to get us now? And many of the documents that are released will have all the names and pertinent info blacked out. Like Angolan Task Force chief and CIA agent John Stockwell said, if the Soviet Union were to disappear, new enemies would be created to justify this massive bureaucracy. I've been focusing my attention on this 1910-1920 time frame because as you move up in history, it gets a lot more complicated. 

These collectivists (I won't say liberals or "conservatives" because they have representatives in both camps) have a nightmare of a majority or large enough minority figuring out their con. They hide Level 3 truth under Level 2 truth. They have those "who really killed JFK" specials on the History channel and the like to keep the curious entertained and hope that it satisfies their suspicions.Their first hope is that you don't ever go past Level 1 and will dutifully follow every fad you are fed in your public media and education consumption. The public schools are designed so that the masses will have the attention span of a gnat and those collectivists bank on your stupidity.

This is a challenge to all people everywhere to become Level 3 aware. We have to make the "true truth" widespread in order for our freedom to remain secure. Talking to people about Level 3 history will get you called names like conspiracy theorist. But anyone who uses that term as a pejorative hasn't picked up a history book or read past the first book of the Bible, because they're full of conspiracies. Can you imagine going to people of Shechem and telling them that Jacob's sons were planning (conspiring) to kill them after their circumcision? Would you be mocked? Take any event of history in the planning stages and pretend you tried to tell someone about and you would be branded a conspiracy theorist. Let's try being people who theorize what the true reality of our past and present situation actually is. Our government is shrouded in secrecy and has a track record for repeated lying, and not believing what they say makes you smart, not a nut.

Check out my X-files section to get started on your quest, intrepid Level 3 adventurer!


  1. Funny - I just posted a short bit with links to people who were "asking questions." In today's world if you ask a question you are automatically labeled a "conspiracy nut." What's disturbing about this is we're seeing "conservatives" eating "conservatives." Not good...

  2. IMO, if you aren't asking questions in today's world, you're brain dead. These collectivists have used mass psychology to make the word conspiracy and theory automatically invoke certain emotions. They've been doing this since Goldwater times with Dr. Strangelove and the like. But it's starting to wear off as being aren't sitting fat and sassy anymore. And as people are watching their money drain away, you can bet they will start asking questions.

  3. Thank you for the link. I just added you to our blog roll. You have some good thoughtful material here.


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