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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fascism Definitively Defined & Presidential Rant

Warning: ranting post

I've noticed a lot of confusion of the fascism label lately. I always understood it to mean a government so intertwined with business, that you cannot separate the two. I thought the government worked through select puppet corporations to achieve their ends, whereas socialism/communism is where the government owns the business. Really, they are quite similar, both leading to a totalitarian police state. However, recently I came across an explanation of fascism that really put it into the focus for me. In Richard Maybury's book World War 1: The Rest of the Story and How it Affects You Today--

Fascists believe that ideas such as right and wrong are for ivory tower intellectuals. What is needed is action.
Right and wrong are just matters of opinion, and they accomplish nothing except to keep men of action from getting the job done.
To a fascist, the only guiding principle is, do whatever appears necessary. No exceptions, no limits. 
If free trade appears necessary, we should have free trade. If restrictions on trade appear necessary, we should have restrictions.
If lower taxes appear necessary, that's okay, and if higher taxes appear necessary, that's okay, too.
If freedom appears necessary, fine, and if slavery appears necessary, also fine
If murdering millions appears necessary, why not?
Right and wrong are just matters of opinion.
There is no line a fascist will not cross if he believes it is necessary. This enables a fascist to be a chameleon. On any given issue he will adopt whatever prescription he believes might work. He can appear to be a socialist, a conservative, liberal, libertarian, anything. And if he believes conditions have changed and new prescription is necessary, he will switch without hesitation.
I could have linked a lot of snarky links, but I'm sure a number of characters just leaped into your mind. If any of you out there has had the misfortune of having a psycho/sociopath in your life, you probably have experienced this on an individual level. A psychopath has a talent for setting up situations so outrageous that for you to explain it to someone makes you look like the nut. If you had to explain our current situation to our Founders, can you imagine the puzzled expressions you would receive?

This explanation of fascism leaves everyone from everywhere in the political spectrum open to scrutiny. You no longer can hide behind the big R and hope it will be okay. Don't cry and whine about my not being a Herman Cain cheerleader 'cause no one who won't openly denounce the Fed will get my support. I also will not vote for a globalist which is a beast that uses many political disguises.  How do you know if the politician in question is a global collectivist? Do they unequivocally support the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights in their entirety in word AND in deed. Let's run through the recent talked about presidential Republican candidates:

Mitt Romney - supports socialized medicine which is part of the Communist Manifesto. I hear the wait time for a doctor is Mass. is 5-6 weeks.

Rick Perry - supported mandatory immunizations of Texas girls against the STD HPV as his chief of staff was a former Merck lobbyist. Stood idly by the last decade and allowed the SPP progress in Texas as North American Union plans progressed under the Bush administration. That's why they won't do anything about illegal immigration, because the insiders are planning to make us one big happy region devoid of sovereignty. This guy is a "conservative" my behind.

Herman Cain - I've said enough about him here and here. This guy is all about the fifth plank of the Communist manifesto - commercialization of credit in the hand of the state, in short the Fed.

Tim Pawlenty - Mr. Milquetoast RINO. Do you think this man will take on the Fed and the international banksters that have taken over our country? Check out the nicely done video, Who the Hell is Tim Pawlenty by the Humble Libertarian. T-Paw would like to see drivers charged for every mile they drive, which, of course would require some time of surveillance. Just raise the gas tax and don't track us, bro! A guy who wants to track every mile you drive is not a proponent of liberty, people.
“We realize that in the future, cars aren’t going to be powered by fuel, probably,” said Gov. Tim Pawlenty, who signed into law $5 million for the current biennium to study the mileage tax.
Sarah Palin - I'm still waiting for the Facebook post of her denouncing TSA groping, a practice that was unknown to those living in the tyrannies of the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, or Communist China. Will she speak to the problem of currency devaluation? - still waiting for that Facebook post as well.

Michelle Bachmann - voted for TARP and to extend the Patriot Act. As a homeschooler, the fourth amendment is really big deal for me. If she is too dense to see where this Patriot Act stuff is headed, then she doesn't need more power.  They're not going after the Muslims, ya'll, it ought to be pretty obvious by now that we are the targets. But she was misled on TARP one person told me, well my congressman wasn't and if she's that far behind the curve, she better study awhile before going for the big job.

Jon Huntsman - another Mormon, really? If any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book(Rev. 22:18) If you don't get that, how do you get the Constitution. Did the angel Moroni give you the new scrying stones to help you find the new amendments? Geez.. My religious prejudice aside, the fact that he is a former ambassador to China tells me he is CFR, you can look him up in the membership list yourself. That means even if he is oblivious to the push for world government/standardization/ or whatever you want to call it, he will be pressured to tow their line.

Gary Johnson - I can go with him. He actually has a track record of reducing government unlike the rest on this list. His rhetoric and deeds match up and I can tell you he won't get invited to a CFR luncheon.

Ron Paul - the only candidate approved by President Reagan
In the 2008 election, Ron Paul got more individual campaign contributions from our servicemen than any other candidate, I remember the "mainstream" conservative media playing it down. What does that tell you? That our soldiers know the score, and you can too if you check out my X-file page for lots of level 3 goodies proving that there are treasonous forces at work in the upper levels of our government and have been for a long, long time. Larry McDonald, who was on the tip of the spear battling these globalists elites, a battle that may well have cost him his life, said that it was when he was in the service that he noticed that things just didn't add up and he began to investigate US foreign policy.

Their main tool is the money supply, and that's why I'm concerned because if the dollar becomes worthless, how are you going to feed your kids?  These traitors try to get us divided on individual issues and use psychology via the dialectic process to keep us from becoming united against them. They're throwing everything they've got against Mr. Paul saying he's against Israel, when really he's against all foreign aid, which would give Israel an advantage as we give four times as much to the Arab states around it. We're really, really out of money ya'll and Israel has more than enough weapons to defend herself. They say he doesn't understand the threats of terrorism, when he was the one of the few that predicted it. Soon after 9/11, Rep. Paul advocating using Marque and Reprisal to go after Al Qaeda introducing the Marque and Reprisal Act of 2001 in lieu of going to war with entire nations. And isn't that exactly what we wound up doing in the end? How much blood and money could have been saved had we just done that to begin with? Maybe that's not the point.

Plus, I haven't seen it reported yet where a Muslim groped women and children at an airport, have you? Will the real terrorists please stand up? When and if the dollar crashes, we won't be talking about the defense of marriage act or abortion, we will be hungry and angry. Our Muslim enemies will only sit back and eat their popcorn, that is if they have any. The issues of the past will be irrelevant, the present will be scary, and the future will be bleak.

I choose to support someone who has been consistent and had differentiated himself from RINOS before that acronym even existed.  It's so funny that "mainstream conservative" polls are leaving Ron Paul off of their polls because his wild-eyed supporters keep skewing them. If any of these other candidates could get that kind of support, it'd be front page news and would be hyped extensively. It would seem that our Establishment overlords don't want Ron Paul to be the Republican nominee in a really, really bad way. That makes me think that he's not in their pocket and has their number and is prepared to dial it HARD. Let's pray that God assigns Andrew Jackson's guardian angels to work Dr. Paul's security detail.

My reasoning is based on what is found in my X-files section, which is my own personal effort to collect Level 3 sources or the works of those who have codified their work from level 3 sources complete with footnotes that may be verified. Remember:

The battle for American independence can only be won with facts.

To eliminate freedom, one must first eliminate widespread knowledge of the truth.
-- Dr. Antony Sutton, American Immigrant and Patriot
*rant over*


  1. I'm a Ron Paul gal, for the most part. Not much of a leader, but at least he knows what's going on and what to do about it. Not sure about Sarah Palin. Love her on a personal level, probably would vote for her based solely on how much the elite hate her. I think arguing from her silence is pretty weak as a position against her. I think she'd probably do nothing about these ridiculous wars we keep getting into, which is a problem for me. I'll bet she could figure out when the toast to the queen should be made, at least. ;-)

  2. OTOH, and thinking more about it, not sure I trust the judgement of a mother who'll let her kids go so she can hold office. Not that I blame every parent whose children are screwed up, but still. So yeah. I'm gonna have to get a new Ron Paul sticker to put on my new/old van.

  3. I think Sarah Palin would be fun to hang out with, but that doesn't make her presidential material. She doesn't make any comment about the biggest problem facing us, which could wind up in widespread hunger and food riots. You better believe she'll keep the war stuff going. I like the fact that Ron Paul doesn't have to be a leader, he lets the ideas lead. That's called statesmanship, so refreshing after watching all these paid for politicians.

  4. You had some great points, but you lost me on the Mormon attack.

    With the tide of sectarian evil being shoved down our throats the last thing we of the Judeo-Christian tradition need is to be fighting each other.

  5. I warned you it was a rant! Before I started studying on government and history, I was really into the history of church "downgrade". Mormonism isn't a sect of Christianity -it is a cult that leads people to hell. It's one belief system that the South Park people accurately portrayed. I have friends who are Mormon and am worried for them spiritually, but that doesn't equate to fighting in my mind. I'm a Southern Missionary Baptist girl and every Mormon out already knows how I feel:)

  6. Actually, all of your examples are fascist. Everyone of those decisions to insure the citizens of Massachusetts helped insurance corporations profit. Sure, it got more people the ability to have health care that couldn't afford it before, but ultimately the purpose was the ensure more profits for the Insurance Corporations who wrote the bill for Romney and now for Obama.
    With Rick Perry and the immunization bill to force girls to take the HPV vaccine, it was at the request of the drug company who made the vaccine. It was not only for state tax payer profits but it was so the girls in Texas could be their guinea pigs to test this drug.
    This is fascism. Not communism. In communism, the drug companies and health care system are government run, not run by the insurance corporations who are profiting even more from the mandate in both Mass and now in the country.
    As for Sarah Palin, she isn't out for anyone but herself. I know this for a fact from insiders (non-political life time friends) who know her well. I wouldn't trust her as far as I can throw her.


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