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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Herman Cain, Really?

For the record, I really do enjoy listening to Herman Cain's radio program. I agree with most things he says, I suppose, but am really doing some serious thinking about who to support for president this next time around. Not to say that I think that one man could save us from all this mess, but you can't begin to fix a problem until you properly understand it.

Last time around, I was a Fredhead, being from Tennessee and all. Since then, I've taken Herman Cain's advice and become informed. Oh yeah, I'm really, really informed now. I'm so informed, I've almost freaked myself completely out. I haven't become a conspiracy theorist, I've become a reality theorist. The reality of it is, Mr. Fred Thompson was and is a CFR member. BTW, he truly gets pwned in this video arguing that lawyers should get even more money for punitive damages, while having a column he had written while campaigning arguing the other side.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the Council on Foreign Relations, or how gigantic corporations have used non profit foundations to control our country, please investigate that for a clearer understanding of what our national situation actually is.

I hate to burst people's bubbles, but I must publish the Herman Cain map: (View in separate window so you can actually read it)

go to to make your own map as the usual links won't load today

Now, I'm not trying to say Herman is a a bad guy or anything. Even though he worked for our dark masters in the Fed, doesn't mean he's a horrible person. The machine, system, or whatever you want to call it is unparalleled in its use of compartmentalization - keeping the right hand from knowing what the left is doing. The vast majority of people working inside the military-industrial-banking-government complex don't even realize that they're part of "the system". But a system there most certainly is when you zoom out a couple of levels and look at the interlocks between government, corporation, and nonprofits.

“None are so hopelessly enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free.”  -Goethe

I guess I'd be more impressed with Mr. Cain if he had started Godfather's Pizza himself and raised it up to a national chain competing with the big boys. I mean, that would really be impressive. It's still great that he managed to turn it around, after being given control of it by a large multinational corporation, uh, yeah... Does anyone else find it odd that no one has mentioned that Herman sits or has sat on the board of directors of no less than five corporations that have approximately 120,000 employees? It kind of goes against the "aw shucks" small business image that the conservative media is trying to portray.

The biggest problem I have with Candidate Cain is enthusiastic support of TARP. From his October 2008 column telling us not to freak out about government ownership of banks, he tells us to calm down and shush up.

Unprecedented problems require unprecedented solutions. The actions by the Treasury are a win-win for the taxpayer. But the mainstream media does not get brownie points for reporting win-win solutions for the taxpayers. Their focus is doom and gloom.

These actions by the Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank and the actions by the Federal Depositors Insurance Corporation (FDIC) are all intended to help solve an unprecedented financial crisis. Unlike steps taken prior to and during the Great Depression, these actions have a high probability of success.
I would repost it in full for the purposes of full dissection, but there are big "do not copy, this is copyrighted" disclaimers all over it. Given the current climate, I guess I better not go for it. But I will say as someone who's been trying to figure this stuff out, it is a very condescending column to anyone who is aware that the Federal Reserve gave most of the bailout money to foreign banks. Collapse of our currency is something that he doesn't want you to focus on. Continuing the race card narrative seems to be more important that mentioning awful things like the collapse of the US dollar. That's "doom and gloom" that shall not be spoken of, let's talk about melanin levels of the skin and "liberals" while the Fed pumps what little wealth we have left overseas..Don't worry, though, we'll have the fair tax that will maintain current spending levels for the federal government. Isn't that special? That's assuming of course, our dollar hasn't collapsed and we're being pushed into a cashless global currency

It's all pretty incredible for a guy who's trying to ride the Tea Party to the Republican nomination. The Tea Party is the group that took the streets with anti-bailout signs, right? Just checking to see if I'm in the same dimension. I'm just doing a reality check here, seriously, are all these conservative bloggers actually going gaga over a former Fed official whose on the record with a demeaning column telling us that daddy Fed has everything under control. Is this some kind of a sick joke?

I think most people who have taken Herman's advice and gotten informed have learned a lot about his former employer, the Federal Reserve, and this column he wrote in 2008 is going to bite him in the butt big time. But it's Obama's fault. Good grief, ya'll this Federal Reserve/IRS con game has been going on since 1913, and like every con, it eventually has to come to an end. Those who are raking in this dough are trying like mad to squeeze the last bits of change out before they pull the plug. Who are "they"? I would surmise they are those who are actually making the money in this economy.

So who should get your presidential support? Might I suggest someone who is actually wise to the whole banking cartel scheme? Even if a candidate is truly in his heart a patriotic American, that doesn't do much when we're all up against a generational con game designed to suck us dry. The Oval Office is not the place to discover it and get a game plan. We're really and truthfully running out of time, and may have already. I leave it to you to find this candidate, but given the Fed influence, the fact that he sits on the board of several corporations, and wrote in favor of the bailouts (when the R was in charge) that person might not be Herman Cain. Like he says, stupid people are really ruining this country:


  1. I'm with you. Something doesn't "feel" right about this adoration of Cain.

    Another thought (definitely not PC) - don't you think it's a bit obvious to run a black against Obama? It's like buying into the whole, "I'm not racist, some of best friends are blacks" shtick.

    We live in a country that is about 12% black and all we can find to run for president are two black guys?

  2. I didn't know all that about him. Not reassuring at all. Tell me, do you have a Sarah Palin map?

  3. Ade, I would like to know the back story of how he got into radio. On his show, these brainwashed blacks call in and call him names. He sure doesn't let you forget he's a black conservative. Is this a talking point he's been given, or is it his own strategy? Totally smacks of the "best friends black" thing, which has gotten really, really old.

    Sarah Palin's map doesn't reveal anything surprising. There are a lot of people who will never, ever vote for her because she quit, like my husband. Given the treatment by the Establishment, I'm thinking the CFR types didn't want her, hence the media abuse.


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