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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Tennessee Governor's Race - Who You Should Vote For

The independent conservatives of Tennessee have been in a real funk since the primaries. The machine got their people in, so here we go again with the RINOs. I'll just focus on the Governor's Race for the moment:

So what have we got here? We have two wealthy daddy's boys who have almost identical political positions. There is no lesser of two evils in this race - the evils are totally equivalent. Let's get into it:

Bill Haslam-R
Now I'm not going to say that Mr. Haslam isn't a nice guy. He's probably a super-nice guy. But that's not a qualification to be governor in the perilous times we're living in. As a mom, I want to know how my governor is going to protect my family from the federal government. If the Department of Homeland Security morphs into the Stasi, will he stand up to the feds? If the dollar collapses and all heck breaks loose, what's his plan? Does this guy have Andrew Jackson-sized nads to stand up against what's coming? He brags that he won reelection as Knoxville mayor with 86% of the vote, but that's 'cause ain't nobody got enough money to run against him.

2nd Amendment - Haslam churned up controversy by belonging to Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" group, which he quit in 2009 and shelled out the big bucks in order to call himself a "life member" of the NRA. This shows me that this man doesn't really get what the 2nd amendment is all about - protecting ourselves from tyranny. With a stoke of a pen, politicians can decide which guns are now illegal. That's not what they mean! Yeah, but if you don't see where it's all headed, you're not thinking it through.

10th Amendment - In a debate on May 23rd, Mayor Haslam said he did not feel that one governor could stand up for the 10th Amendment -the one that guarantees individual rights. He says it would take a group of governors and congressmen to do so. To date, Mayor Haslam has not signed the 10th Amendment 10-4 pledge. This attitude displays a lack of conviction and fortitude when it comes to the rights of individual Tennesseans. This is not what we need right now in a state-wide leader.

Education- He differs here from his competitor McWherter, who wants to expand Pre-K from at-risk kids to all kids. Haslam prefers to leave pre-K as it is now. He supports Tennessee in Race to the Top Trough. He will never, ever support the decentralization of public schools that is necessary to bring about true reform, much less taking them out the of the federal system.

Pro-Life- He says he's pro-life, but he is not totally against state-funding of Planned Parenthood for birth control, whereas Ramsey and Wamp were. Watch his pathetic performance on that here.

Globalism- He allowed Knoxville to become a member of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI). This is a United Nations sponsored organization that uses environmentalism as a backdoor to local control. When asked about it, he just minimizes it, showing that he either doesn't understand what is going on in the world today, or just doesn't care. For more information on why you should care, please check out this free, down-loadable pamphlet.

Red Light Cameras- Under Haslam's leadership, Big Brother red light cameras were introduced to Knoxville. I hate red light cameras, as they will give you a ticket when you turn right on red, unless you stop for a full five seconds to allow yourself to be recorded.  Next step, speed cameras, then onto constant surveillance filed as evidence for whatever "they" need.

Mike McWherter-D
The son of former governor Ned McWherter, Mike built up his own beer distribution business. As a democrat, McWherter is supported by the usual suspects: teacher unions, regular unions, the abortion lobby, and all those fun people we associate with Democrats. Mike keeps his democratic leanings Tennessee-friendly by swearing he will never push for an income tax, promising he will find ways to make it easier to be a small businessman in Tennessee. However, he said that Obamacare is the "law of the land", so you can bet he's not going to do anything whatsoever to stand up to it.

"McWherter said several attorneys general from other states will probably follow through on a threat to take the federal government to court. But he termed the legal action ‘grandstanding.’ ‘I don’t encourage us getting involved in the middle of that.’” (“McWherter Steps up Governor’s Race Efforts,” Memphis Daily News, 05/07/10)

“‘But the bottom line is that law has passed now. So, what we need is a governor with the business skills to make sure that we know how to implement what does come out of Washington,’ he said. “The reality of it is, it does not fully implement for four years. I’ll be running for re-election possibly by the time this really becomes an issue.’” (“McWherter Steps up Governor’s Race Efforts,” Memphis Daily News, 05/07/10)

Before you say, oh well, then I guess I will have to vote for Haslam -know that his sentiment is probably not very different.  He has been endorsed by socialized medicine mastermind Mitt Romney of Romneycare fame. On his website, he says he will fight unfunded mandates, which is what McWherter says in the interview he gave to the Memphis Daily News:
.  ‘I’m going to work with our congressional delegation to make sure we improve this legislation and make it something that will help … and not burden our Tennessee taxpayers.’
Bill Haslam's health care portion of his website goes on to list preventative care and how government can best be used to reduce obesity and diabetes, as if that was a government responsibility.

Haslam or McWherter?
My point here is that it is either Kang or Chang. A vote for either is not going to change anything. If you think that Bill Haslam is going to stand up for you in any meaningful way, you are being suckered. The man is being mentored by the likes of Howard Baker, CFR member and all-round elite. After Don "let's have a state income tax" Sunquist, Al "the sky is falling" Gore, Lamar "let's turn our education system totally Soviet" Alexander, Bob "don't audit the fed" Corker, etc, let's get real, ya'll. Let's be bold people, let's do something so totally different that the machine that obviously runs this state will be completely gobsmacked.

Brandon Dodds for Governor!
If you are so inclined to help Mr. Dodds and have more free time (and fewer kids) than myself, I understand that his campaign has flyers to be handed out. Contact his campaign at Dodds for Gov. 
Unlike Bill Haslam, who broke the spending record for a primary in Tennessee, Brandon Dodds is a real conservative who is wise the the treats of the UN in Tennessee. You know, like how they're resettling Muslim refugees in Middle Tennessee with out the approval of our federal or state governments. Haslam is totally clueless about this, whereas Mr. Dodds is student of foreign policy. Unlike the other two candidates, Mr. Dodds put himself through school to become an optometrist. Check out his bio and you will see that he is a real Tennessean through and through. Remember that Haslam did not win the majority of the Republican vote in the primary and that scores of democrats used our open primary system to vote for him. There are many disgruntled conservatives out there who cannot stomach the thought of either of these men becoming governor. There is too much at stake in the times we're living in to keep playing the "lesser of two evils" game. The outcome of that thinking is eventually ending up with evil of some sort. Now is the time to reverse that trend. Are you slave to party politics, or can you break out of that paradigm and do something bold and independent?
You can make a difference. Show them that there are still some Tennesseans who don't suckle at the government teats. Show them that Tennesseans are tired of centralized planning, social control/manipulation, and globalism.  I could tell by a quick google search, that many are trying to find info on where Haslam stands and just can't get their questions answered. I hope this post is informative for those wondering whom to vote  for.

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