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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, March 2, 2015

Free Kent Hovind

Regardless your opinion on evolution, fundies, or things of that nature, you need to know that Kent Hovind is being persecuted by the government disproportionately to anything wrongdoing that was initially charged against him. If they can do it to him, they can do it to you.

The original charge had to  do with tax evasion or mishandling money. Got news for you, they could charge any one of us with the same thing if they don't like you. I first saw a Kent Hovind video in Sunday School while I was in college. What he said about commercial bread not having any nutrients was something I filed away as interesting. What he said about seeds containing anti-cancer nutrients has also shown to be true. That goes along with what the Bible says about eating the seed of the field for good health. He's a very entertaining speaker, but when he speaks at the heart of the matter like this, you know that the eye of Sauron will soon be upon him:

Here he is doing a libertarian Christian rapid fire explanation of what's going on in this crazy world, as in everything a Christian needs to know in less than half an hour:

Needless to say, he's not BFFs with the US Gov.

Today he's going to trial again. Here are the details. The man has been in prison for several years now and its obvious its politically motivated with the money they've spent to prosecute him.
Boots on the Ground RALLY March 2nd 2015 During USA vs Kent Hovind/Paul Hansen Trial
United States Courthouse
One North Palafox St.
Pensacola, Florida 32502
Facebook event has 260 people that will show up for Boots on the Ground RALLY
If you can’t show up to the Court House in Pensacola FL on March 2nd to demand Kent Hovind and Paul Hansen are set free, please pray and go to: up to this point:


  1. Yes, if you are a believer you could go to jail tomorrow for running errands, doing things every person does every day. The belief to avoid the most is young earth. That seems to be where Kent Hovind's apologetics are a little less apologetic than the norm of traveling speakers. If you can be backed down on the age of the earth, convinced of old earth on evidence of the speed of light alone, you are probably safe for a few years yet.

    1. Well, young earth theory is widely taught in our homeschooling world with curriculum like Apologia giving lots of reasons why their old earth theory is not as scientific as they'd have us believe. I think Kent really ruffled feathers in the talk I embedded where he connects the dots between the Satanic NWO and our current government. They don't want the church folk connecting those dots, but waving a flag and eating apple pie. I will say that Kent could have been more guarded with his finances, knowing that this is how they like to jerk good people around. The money they've spent and the vindictiveness of putting him in jail for what would be considered a white collar crime if a bankster committed it, illustrates that this is persecution based on something deeper. I believe the Russian commies used to joke that they could take two sentences you said and turn it into a gulag crime.

    2. Thank you, R-Mother, for sharing this plus the article. If you are thinking that Kent was less than careful about finances, and should have filed 5013c, I am not sure of that. To him, and others who speak on it, the registering is one too many bows to oppressive government. When I pay 1/3 of my income to the government, I am bowing about as far as I will go. I think that the 5013c filing was just too much. It seems he protested when his son Eric filed that for It must be, to Kent, like it would be for me if I had to pay 90% of my income in taxes. Once he decided that, and was perfectly within his rights to do so, he did go to great pains to make sure they could not get him for it. But they get whom they want.
      Anyway, your Russian parallel is spot on! The spurious (Non-Tax - I notice) charges Kent deals with are just exactly the kind of bogus charges religious prisoners have always faced. Rudy is a little off-the-cuff, but he is right when he says it is persecution. It is CLASSIC persecution, exactly the way communist governments used to do it. Monkey trials, trivial charges, etc. Thanks again for airing out this issue.


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