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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mitt's Commie Red: Updated

Or is it fascist black?
"Goldman" Harvest?
Let's call it totalitarian teal.

First, the background, from Ben Swann broadcasting on one of the "last of the independents" TV stations.

Story in print at the Boston Herald: Mass GOP Deals Dirty

Rachel Maddow actually does a fair job on this story, with her lead up here. She interviewed one of the delegates, a young man named Evan Kenny, who explains the mind-bending lengths the Establishment is going to keep Ron Paul supporters out. Evan beat the last Republican candidate for Massachusetts governor for a delegate slot. And to be fair to him, Charlie Baker,  he declined the delegate slot because he said this kind of thing is d.i.r.t.y. and Evan won fair and square.

More on what you can do here from the Massachusetts liberty activists working on this up there. I believe Lawyers for Ron Paul have filed a lawsuit asking for an injunction to prevent the seating of these delegates who have cheated to get their spots. I know, don't hold your breath.

Regardless of what you think of the delegate process, it is still a process that has rules in ink. If you can just bypass it with bogus affadavits and the tyranny of policy, then the whole thing is a joke. If the Establishment can't win in a fair and open process, and then resorts to tyranny because they know that no one will oppose them, then you live in a military "junta" situation. Recall that Ron Paul supporters trying to work hard to win these delegates across America have seen their share of police force and brute force, when it wasn't going to go the Establishment's way. That ought to scare the bugeezes out of every American, I don't care who you are. Via Daily Paul, this post is illustrative of what's really going on out there:

For those of you who did not experience any travesties let me tell you some of the quotes that I have in sworn, notarized afidavits for you to get a small clue of the sort of things people have gone through in the attempt to attend and participate in a fair election process and meeting. Please note these are comments from several individuals from their experience, these are not from me. I have my own sentiments for the evil that went on at my county and state conventions.
"I felt dirty"
"I felt the youth was just RAPED"
"I literally felt as if I was molested today"
"What did they want to do to me put a star on my chest?"
"The only difference from this experience and that of the old world countries is they did not put a gun to my head and pull the trigger."
"They are just plain evil"
"This is a disgrace"
"I am done with the Republican Party"
"I thought they were going to lynch me"
"They threatened the sergeant of arms, just for calmly asking to be a delegate."
"I knew this was going to happen, they were just going to ambush us and run us over."
"They were yelling at me that the Ron Paul people were crazies and whackos."
"Ron Paul is dangerous, how could you think of representing him?"
"We have to stop the Ron Paul people at all costs"
"They are stalling and going to cause us to lose to Obama!"
"Anyone, BUT Paul!"
"I hate those Ron Paul people!"
"Have 9-1-1 on speed dial in case those Paul people show up"
"We are going to have a really BIG guy at the caucus that will be wearing all black to intimidate those Paul people in case they start any trouble!"
These were not exagerations! These were the sentiments of an airline pilot, a Christian radio station worker, an insurance litigator, an investor, a housewife, an elderly women that was with the Republican Party for years, a retired veteran, an honor student, a state worker, a 5 year central committeeman, a stuntman, and more.
In Massachusetts, it's all a moot point because Obama's going to win there anyway. However, for a campaign that's got it in the bag, he seems a little desperate for those 17 delegates, don't you think?

Let's go huskers! If for no other reason to give us newshounds some entertainment.

Update: This story has been covered by GQ Magazine, who reports that the Romney Campaign was behind the ousting of these delegates, who by the way, have a cool, new logo:

"Governor Romney's campaign, through its representative on the Allocation Committee, made the decision not to certify certain delegates and alternate delegates who were unwilling to sign and return on time the affidavit sent out by the Allocation Committee affirming that they would cast their vote for Governor Romney at the National Convention in Tampa," the statement reads. It concludes with the committee's agreement that the dispute over affidavits constituted "'just cause' for not being certified as national delegates."

So it was the Romney campaign who came up with those loyalty affidavits with the perjury scare tactic on them. And they had to be returned within three days even though they came snail mail. This was one of those cases, where no matter what you did, you'd get booted.


  1. Unbelievable! Those Liberty delegates shoud sue the Mass. Rpublican Party. It will take years to purge the rats from the Party.

    1. A lawsuit is in progress. Sad thing is, we may not have years before the house of cards collapse and the ultimate crisis does not go to waste.

  2. The house of cards comes down in the aftermath of an Israeli attack on Iran's nuclear facilities. Oil will skyrocket pushing gas to well over $8.00 a gallon. Islamic terror sleeper cells will commence operating in Europe and North America forcing the United States to enact Marshall Law. After that its anyones guess none of which will be pleasant!

    1. Well, when it comes to Iran, I take the word of Mossad experts who say that the Iran threat is overblown. We have over a hundred years of the banksters doing this kind of thing. The real sleeper cells are the bloated Boss Hogg types that go along with the Feds in all our local governments.

      The evidence is mounting that the Islamist faction is backed by bankster money to get people to focus on a threat other than them.


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