Although the women of the United States are confined within the narrow circle of domestic life, and their situation is, in some respects, one of extreme dependence, I have nowhere seen woman occupying a loftier position; and if I were asked... in which I have spoken of so many important things done by Americans, to what the singular prosperity and growing strength of that people ought mainly to be attributed, I should reply, To the superiority of their women.

--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, July 12, 2012

I Won't Crack - Will You?

I have to re-blog this from the great Vox Day who calls out Joe Farah at WND as cracking under the pressure in his call to vote for Mitt or else we're doomed - very doomed etc.

I won’t be voting for Romney because I think he will save America or reverse our dangerous course. But I will likely be voting for him to buy America the time it needs to avoid catastrophe. It’s just that simple – and sad.

Vote for Romney and we'll turn off the bright light.
(if you believe that, you'll believe anything.)

To which, Vox responds and earns his title of cruelty artist:
Yeah, that's a new one. Principles are important, except of course when they are trumped by the frightening possibility of someone becoming president who is already president. It's disappointing to see Farah buying the usual nonsense, which we have heard every four years since 1992, especially since he is throwing a lot of his hard-won credibility out the window.
Is President Goldman Sachs really that much worse than President Bain Capital? Is he actually worse than Satan himself? After all, less than seven months ago, Farah wrote: "I would not vote for Mitt Romney if he were running against Satan himself."
My prediction: if Farah does vote for Romney and Romney wins, we'll be reading a self-flagellating column sometime in 2013 where he laments having sacrificed his principles and voting for a man who so badly betrayed all the conservatives and the small-r republicans who voted for him. Doesn't anyone ever learn from the past? Can't anyone see how the game is played? 
To be fair to Joseph Farah, he does have drones spying on him. As he told Alex Jones just a week ago, and as reported on Drudge, a drone followed him at his secluded rural Virginia home while he was walking his dog. He tried to laugh it off in the interview, but the reality is chilling for those of us who realize that Joseph Farah is the proprietor of the #2 outlet behind drudge in web news.  They can arm those things you know, and all the evidence will be "national security". Nice. Looks to me like the intimidation is working. Vox extends the cruel reality to anyone else who buys this garbage:

If you truly do not understand that a non-vote for Romney is absolutely not a vote for Obama, you are an astonishingly stupid individual. 1+0!=2. A vote for Obama is a vote for Obama. Not voting for Obama cannot, in any sense, be considered a vote for Obama. Political applications do not alter mathematics. If you cannot master basic addition, I not only don't want to hear your opinion about the election, I don't think you should be permitted to vote. Negative, "pragmatic" voting is an inherently self-defeating concept that only guarantees the very results it is supposed to oppose.

I started to smell a big stinky in the 2008 election when a decorated POW wouldn't put out any attack ads on a guy who ran around with commies, didn't have a birth certificate, valid SSN, or even a verifiable past, except hanging out with ex-domestic terrorists, the Weatherman. Yeah, nothing about that made sense to me on any level. That's when I started digging, and what I found was more frightening than I could have ever imagined. So if you're trying to use fear, GOP, epic fail. You're trying to make me afraid of an individual (Obama) and ignore the vampire squid of a system that produced him, nurtured him, and sustains him. Whatever.

Perfect love casts out fear, thus saith the Lord. Anyone trying to manipulate me with fear is weak. Americans used to be a courageous people who would say, "do your worst, villain" in the face of being pressured against their will. I say, is there any courage left in America? That's what this election is really about, not this bogus reality show known as the 2012 fixed presidential election. I, for one, am tired of the wussies out there that buckle under some propaganda and peer pressure. And if they send a drone to intimidate your behind, it means you're getting to them. Americans talk tough, but when it comes to an opponent that lives in the shadows, we find out that a combo of brains and guts is what gets the job done.

Bonus Jerry Doyle telling it like it is:


  1. No one else is running RM. DO you want obama for another 4? Say good bye to your country. We knew it would take more than one election to purge the Repub party.

    You're losing me here with the romney bashing. What's the point?

    1. The point is to send a message that there are some Americans out there that are done taking their sh*t. There is not one policy that Obama supports that Romney will not continue and implement. That's just the reality of the situation and no amount of rhetoric is going to change that. Goldman and the gang have paid for services rendered and they will get what they want. But that only happens when people actually believe that their puppet front men have any independent input on policy. This is the illusion that must be broken. Yes, it will take more than one election to purge the Republican Party.

      Anyone but bankster is my motto.

    2. "There is not one policy that Obama supports that Romney will not continue and implement."

      I don't believe that for a second.

      So, where is the post on obama's connections to: the rich, the union bosses, the communists, the muslim activists, the chicago crime syndicate, the agenda 21 people.

      Support obama if you want to - it's a free country.

    3. Where's the Obama connection to all those things. Well I figured since the rest of the conservative blogosphere has that covered, I wouldn't waste my time on what is already known to anyone reading my blog. I did post just the other day on his CIA connections, and the new documentary coming out on Frank Marshall Davis being his real dad.

      Whether or not you believe Romney will be any different is irrelevant to reality. The reality is that the BIG stuff- NDAA, Patriot Act, "repeal and REPLACE", etc. he won't comment on in any meaningful way. Even his rhetoric is weak. What the big banks want the big banks will get or you get JFK-ed. Look up continuity of agenda, they aren't going to stop doing it now after 100 years of success.

    4. RM. Oh Ok. Wink. Wink.

      Where's the connection to obama? It's in the news and on the internet all the time if you know what to look for and how to translate. That's what bloggers do right? tranlate for people. Certainly what you like to do.

      I really don't care about the banksters on Nov 4. Obama is much more evil than they ever thought about and will destroy this country. "The Banksters" aren't going away in My lifetime or Yours. obamacare will screw up my life and yours in much more meaningful ways. Just one of their many attacks on America and Individual Liberty. Ask me how much I care that someone makes money.

      As it happens, whether you realize it or not; here you are banging on the rich and Romney and leaving obama completely alone. It is Exactly parallel to what the democrat machine including their MSM arm is doing. The DNC should be paying you.

      But hey, net net? If everyone is going to screw you give someone else a chance to do it who is at least more palatable than these two worthless racist, muslim, imbecile communists.

      In the interest of clarity. I'm not here to support Romney. I'm here to vote against obama and the democrats. The only type of vote I've ever cast. I've yet to vote for. I vote against.

      If you are who you say you are, which I seriously doubt at this point, then good luck to you. Cya.

    5. Bless your heart, you seem really scared.

      I really am just a homemaker who uses her spare time to look at unreported history and how it relates to the problems in the world today. If I were a democrat operative, wouldn't I at least put an adserver on here to get a few extra cents?

      It's true that the moneychangers will always be with us. These are the people who will put a bullet in Romney's head should he want to renege on the agenda of commie healthcare. But they know he won't, that's why he's there. I don't know what there is to translate about Obama, his mother worked for the Ford Foundation, who's past president's stated goal is to turn America into a communist nation. I mean, there you go. Tim Geitner, our Treasury Secretary's father Peter was her boss when he was pres. of the Ford Foundation. Those are all verifiable facts that don't need translation beyond what the Ford Foundation's agenda is. And that is a matter of public record: feminism, homos, La Raza, globalist education, population control, etc. I figure anyone reading my blog already hates Obama with a purple passion and is aware of the true kingmakers in our country.

      I started this blog over Obamacare, so it's a little funny to me that someone would insinuate that I don't care about it. I already live under it because I don't get to choose what doctors I go to under my insurance and I can't afford to get independent insurance. Given the history of how medicine in this country got to this state, I am absolutely convinced that Romney will continue the century long marathon to control us all.

      As far as banksters go, they do NOT MAKE MONEY!! They STEAL it from you and me through the Fed, the IRS, through financial devices like the World Bank, IMF, etc, and through Obamacare. The insurance companies wrote the darn thing, and Obama and the Dems carried it across the finish line for them. The insurance companies are going to make $$$$ and give it to the Dems for campaign $$$. The financing is all courtesy the Fed Reserve Cartel.

      Knowing the Lord Jesus Christ has all authority gives me a Zen-like calm seeing all this unfold.

  2. Something to think about - why did census takers go around getting GPS coordinates on every house in America prior to the actual census? Suppose "you" become an enemy of the state in their interpretation such as a Ron Paul or Constitution supporter, etc.? You don't think at the right time they will take you out (Kill)? You had better shout loud now while you have a chance.
    I have been working for over twenty five years to help reform the Republican Party. I am not voting for Romney and will vote Constitution Party as least I will sleep at night with a clear conscious.

    1. Those of us who see Romney for what he is know on many factual levels that the bankster agenda everyone associates with Obama will not change. The teleprompter readers will still be written by the same ScriptWizard.

      The Elite are in trouble when a critical mass of people don't go along with their bull anymore. Some of us are trying to show others the way.

      God is still in control, but expects a little integrity out of his people, don't you think.

    2. Well, dlee, there can be no doubt that obama and the dems fully intend to destroy America, and will do so with another 4.5 years. he and they have been at it full throttle for 3.5 years. there is no doubt they will appease us into having no self defense capability, be subservient to the muslims, and hand our rights and wealth over to the U.N.

      Sleep tight.

    3. Huh ??? Nobody is going to invade and conquer and change our way of life (the DHS has already done that), especially the long-bearded cavemen on the other side of the globe otherwise known as "the muslims." Ain't. Gonna. Happen. Logistically and culturally impossible. So there's no need to eve worry about being "subservient to the muslims."

      Iraq is only about the size of Michigan and Ohio combined, yet the largest, most expensive and most aggressive military the world has ever known has been unable to accomplish there (after a decade of fighting) what you fear long-bearded cavemen are sure to accomplish here. Let me say it again. Ain't. Gonna. Happen.

      Self-defense? Romney is a gun-grabber too! And globalist. And environmentalist. And Keynesian true-believer. And corporatist. And socialist ... Romney represents every single thing conservatives feared most only a mere 20 years ago.

      The problem with this country isn't Obama or even the Democrats in general. After all, we know who they are. The problem is that (certainly in my 43 years) there has been no genuine opposition to their grand schemes. Conservatives just roll-over and support whatever squishy, lying, progressive Republican the party shoves down their throats. The logical outcome of this strategery is that government grows and grows and grows ... Then, instead of blaming the morons and beta males who blindly support these Big Government Republicans, they turn their ire instead on good people like republicanMother who's simply doing her best to try and share the truth.

      republicanMother isn't the problem, she's part of the solution. Obama/Romney voters are the problem. Conservatives need to stop pointing their fingers and start looking in the mirror. Vote for Big Government and you'll get Big Government. It's that simple. You only have yourselves to blame.

    4. Thanks for the backup CL, but allow to explain further what's going on here. A starving person walks up to the only source of food in this story, a fruit stand. The two apples left are both full of bad spots, but this person has been conditioned Pavlovian style to only eat apples, even though there are perfectly good other fruits located in another "box" above. Some people just can't handle the fact that both of their "valid" choices have been compromised by unaccountable forces. It's frustrating and very, very scary. But if you can vote for Mitt to get rid of the scariest man ever, you have the illusion of some control.

      The real point of breakthrough is realizing that your power not to choose rotten apples is far, far more empowering. I feel like I have integrity not going along to get along.

    5. You can vote against obama and the dems or you can give them a half vote by staying home. If and When we get a conservative candidate running, I will be finally Thrilled to have the chance to vote FOR someone.

      Good luck to ya.

    6. Seriously, read the Vox Day quote above again. Politics does not, cannot, alter mathematics. There is no such thing as a half vote. Furthermore, "against" isn't on the ballot. This is just reality. So when you vote "for" Romney, you are voting for a guy no further to the right than Ted Kennedy.

      I understand this leaves us in a rather troubling state with no simple and direct answers. But that's the reality of the situation we face. Spending our energies worrying about "Democrats vs. Republicans" doesn't even hack at the branches. We need to strike at the root.

      Another 4 years of Obama isn't going to destroy America, we've already crossed that rubicon. The DHS was the nail in the coffin. Obamacare is just a shovel full of dirt.

      The federal government is rotten to the core. It's a total "bipartisan" disgrace. A freeman should be embarrassed to be governed by such a monstrosity. Heck, King George III never dreamed of looting the citizens to the extent the fedgov does today. He didn't tell people what they could eat, drink and smoke either, nor did he molest travelers. Yes, today's fedgov is worse than the government our founders overthrew.

      Romney, like Obama, is a bad man. Like Obama, Romney seeks power not liberty. Both will continue taking America down the road to destruction. But hey, if you prefer a right boot stomping on your face forever to a left boot doing the same, vote for Romney ... and get mad at good people like RM ...

      Even though deep down inside you know your ire should be directed at the folks like Romney (who actually are against you) and that RM is on your side.

    7. If you couldn't see that the fix was in this election, then you'll never, ever be able to see it. Ron Paul won the most importanest contest ever in Iowa when you count the 7-8 precincts that the State Party refused to count. In Louisiana, Ron Paul got more delegate votes than primary votes, and its been shown that when you voted for Ron Paul, the machine registered it as a Romney vote. This was shown to be the case in South Carolina as well.

      The Elite aren't going to let any upstart mess with their highly profitable world domination scam. That's the true enemy of America, not just their democrat henchmen. Romney will increase and expand the brownshirt TSA, government healthcare, etc. It was Bush Jr. that vastly expanded government healthcare with the Prescription Drugs stuff, remember that? It was "conservative pick" Roberts that just served us all our rump roasted on Obamacare.

      Perception becomes reality, but when there is an agenda to alter the public perception (we have a choice and it means a lot) from reality, we need to point that out because that's the source of the true evil.

  3. Jerry Doyel. First time I heard him. I like him. I hope he has a big following.

    1. Look him up on talkstream He is SOOO awesome. He is uncompromisingly conservative and ran up against the RINO wall when he ran for Congress in CA.

      He is the 6th largest talk radio guy in America.
      Unlike the rest, he talks about the big banks. I remember this one episode but I can't find who he was interviewing, who said how a Goldman Sachs guy was in a White House meeting with Clinton setting the agenda, and this newbie in the room was shocked and mystified. I can't remember the full story, but that's the level his show gets to sometime--he does talk about big banks, the Fed, the real issues, etc.

      I can't stand to listen to the rest because of what I have verified for myself to be true in this country, and they don't get near that stuff, thus their analysis is always erroneous.


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