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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, May 25, 2012

Barack Obama - Damaged Goods

Jerome Corsi tells us what is going on in Hawaii and then some. In this interview, he's not only covering the birth certificate farce, but also he has the goods on Eric Holder covering for massive, multi-million (probably billion) dollar laundering of HSBC bank involving drug cartels.

Ya'll, there's a reason why they're arming remote control killer robots. As this information gets out, they realize how exposed they are. When the dollar collapses, if We the People don't go ape-nuts, then they will send in agent provocateurs to throw Molotovs and claim that we're doing it.

The global Elite now consider Obama "damaged goods". According to Corsi the fix is in for Romney, who will continue the globalist agenda.

For the life of me, I never understood why there would be anything controversial about producing your birth certificate. But look how many "conservatives" scoffed at people questioning where in the world it was. A piece of paper that ordinary people are required to have to enroll in school, get a driver license, etc. doesn't apply to this one man. They cite the newspaper clipping, but as the child of a newspaperman, I can tell you anyone can send that in and say whatever they want. Anyway, you'll also learn about the CIA roots of Obama's family. Obama is carrying forward the foundation-bankster coup of our country.


  1. There is something more going on in Obama's past than just what country he was born in.From his birth all the way to his entering into Harvard,Obama's life is a fog.There is something sinister in that fog.

    Also,its not just drones being armed.The alphabet soup of federal bureacracies have been armed as well,FDA,Social Security Administration and so on.

    1. This is true, but the birth controversy is a door into some very weird stuff. The Ford Foundation and CIA connection is the biggest clue, imo.

      You are right, bureaucrats with guns checking your food is beyond frightening.


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