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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Election 2012: The Clone Wars

Buckle up, you rebel scum, and let's take a look at what we've got here. This is my first post in the post-CIPSA world, so I thought I'd make it interesting.

What's the situation on the political ground?

Liberals in disarray after Obama morphs into the "conservative" Bush that they despised. Those looking for easy grift money are still supporting him, but the thrill is definitely gone.

Conservatives in disarray after they purportedly just elected a "liberal" from Taxachusetts. No one wants to donate, but don't worry, the Federal Reserve Cartel has got this campaign covered!

Libertarians are eating popcorn, knowing that whoever wins will give us the same ol' Tyranny we've come to expect. Also, these rebellious libertarians and independents know that the election is in their hands, barring Diebolding, which is very likely and we've seen a lot of in the primaries already.

Whatever your opinion: you need to see this video proving that Obama and Romney read from the same daggummed teleprompter, sponsored in part, by JPMorganChaseBankofAmericaCitigroupGoldmanSachs. What these two have to say is what their sponsors' vision of America entails. Write it down and plan for it.

h/t Doug Wead: Scientists Prove that Obama and Romney are Clones

Meanwhile the media blackout of Ron Paul and Gary Johnson continues. These rebels *waves hand* do not exist. These are not the politicians you are looking for.

Au contraire, enjoy this heaping load of entertainment featuring those who are not weak-minded.
 It really is an amazing video. Ron Paul getting four to five times at the very least of Romney's crowds. And it looks like half or more of Romney's crowd is paid to be there!

h/t Daily Paul

One thing in this whole deal I've learned is that I didn't know jack about the delegate process. I think for our friends the Elites, they've never had to play that card because their mass media mind control had always been successful in getting their man in the forefront, and their people in the Party Leadership in each state and county. Recall that these people are complete control freaks and they've been at this total domination of America game for many decades now.  For instance, in all my many years of listening to talk radio religiously, I never once heard mention of Rule 40 in the Republican Party's nomination rulebook. The one that says that you only need a plurality of delegates in five states to be considered for nomination. Nor did I hear that every state has its own way of choosing delegates and were not necessarily beholden to the votes of the people. I'm sure all these convoluted rules came about with the intention of making it so that just a certain clique of people "in the know" would dominate the process.

As seen in the first video, if you think that Romney is going to be one iota different from Obama, you are living in denial - big time! His teleprompter might come with a slightly augmented ScriptWizard, but this thing is classic Hegelian divide and conquer, wherein the synthesis will be soft socialism. That is, unless your going to be uppity, then they've got tools in the Patriot Act, NDAA, and now CISPA to get your mind right. In the first video, you'll see our man Mitt totally down with that agenda.

So what we've seen from the beginning is our Mockingbird Media telling us over and over that Ron Paul couldn't win. If conservatives had been half as smart as they claimed to be, they would have recognized this propaganda immediately and run it through a critical analysis thought experiment, asking why so negative on Paul before the election was even underway? But no, they swallow their own brand of Kool-Aid from Rush and Shammity who prattle on about stuff that won't amount to a hill of beans when every single bit of our industry is being done on the other side of the globe and we're left pushing wheelbarrows of money around. 

Yes, conservatives prattle on about the dirty liberals, meanwhile an entire police state, decades in the making, is being built brick by brick around us. It's Obama's fault! My behind! He's just being paid to take the ball further down the court, idiots. I hate to be mean, but gee whiz, people its time to get a clue! It's time to get the plans from the Imperial Cruiser. But where are these plans you speak of? I thought you'd never ask!

Imperial Cruiser Plans
Confessions of a Monopolist by Frederic C. Howe - This is where the modern political machine oligarchical model got started in a scientific way. I know some can argue it all goes back to the Tower of Babel, but in the interest of scope, you ought to check this book out to understand the mind of the Elitist. This is their playbook. This mindset laid the foundation for everything wrong in our society, from the public schools to collective medicine, and the collectivist mentality.

Foreign Affairs Magazine - the official publication of the CFR. This is where our foreign policy comes from, not from patriotic generals doing a Patton impression. (They fixed him good, didn't they?)  If you want to understand the bipartisan control of our government by the banksters, you need to get CFR-aware. And they publish it online, how convenient is that?
And you've also got the Carnegie Foundation for International Peace, by which, of course they mean perpetual war because War is Peace. Seriously, if you do not know about the Reece Committee, which unlocked this group's founding minutes, which lead one lawyer to totally loose her mind - the info was so shocking.

Joint Force 2020 read in tandem with State Department Memo 7727 introduces the "rebel scum" to the term "full spectrum dominance" and the later document provides context for the first.

The label full spectrum dominance implies that
U.S. forces are able to conduct prompt, sustained,
and synchronized operations with combinations
of forces tailored to specific situations and with
access to and freedom to operate in all domains—
land, sea, air, space, and information. (are you feeling the CISPA?)

The word "freedom" in the above quote refers to the US forces and not necessarily the citizens. Throughout that document, you'll not find really any patriotic mentions or anything that makes you think of America whatsoever. The military has become the UN's Team World police, making the world safe for "our interests." Newsflash: our interests = multinational corporations bent on "globalizing" the world economy into a feudal superstate. So there's where a humongous chunk of our debt star lays, let's look at the other approximate half.

Wall Street Trilogy by Dr. Sutton - Sometimes people laugh when I mention Dr. Sutton's work. I don't know why as all he does is reprint declassified State Department cables, the private papers of FDR and Wilson, and some wire transfer receipts. It's all public record for anyone to see. What it proves without question is that what you've been told all your life about communism and fascism being something that the United States has battled against is a bunch of bullhockey. Kind of hits you right in the gut when you come to terms with the fact that the richest men in the world are totally down with authoritarian government, as long as they're the ones running it. NY Fed Chairman Thomspon gave the Bolsheviks a million bucks to get up and running, according to the Washington Post. The idea was to open up Russian resources to market, but instead of having to deal with pesky individual companies, you'd just have to have a man at the Kremlin. Louis McFadden, before he was poisoned, of course, claimed on the house floor in 1931 that the Federal Reserve was pouring money by the truckloads into Nazi Germany. Dr. Sutton also does a fabulous job of connecting the dots between Wall Street and FDR, who was himself a streetman par excellence with nearly a dozen directorships to his credit before running for President. They didn't tell you that in school did they?
The point here is that someone has dug down into the recesses of the government's basement and found things they don't put into the official textbooks. If you're tired of hearing pundits drone on and on about nothing [ever learning and never coming to the truth 2 Tim 3:7] then try some fresh facts on and see if you don't understand politics in a different light.

Social Engineering/Do-Gooding - contrary from what the "conservative" mind-masters have told you, welfare programs were not the brainchilds of liberal professors, but of industrialists designed with the total intent of making the population servile to the state, which they run. The General Education Board was first established with Rockefeller money, for example. Public schooling, government medicine, government housing, food stamps, etc. all are controlled by these corporate interests initially under the guise of philanthropic organizations.

The Rockefeller Foundation Annual Reports- This is the group that funded the perverted monster, Dr. Alfred Kinsey. This is the group whose leadership later ran the Vietnam War for fun and profit. They also infiltrated Catholocism when they flipped  Much of what you read in the annual reports seem benign, but when you understand that everything they do, in light of recent events seems to be to co-opt society itself, you'll read them in a different light. The population control sections are especially interesting.

Deliberate Dumbing Down catches these people in their own words. For example, back in the 70s, you find a document out of Michigan were drugging kids was proposed. And lo and behold in the 90s, it was implemented big time.

I could go on, but that's what I've got an X-file section for. Like Orwell, one of those in the know said, "who controls the past controls the future". Some might wonder why I go on and on about what happened 80-100 years ago, but that's where the goods are for a firm, mature understanding of current events.

Well, I've given you all a lot to chew on here, but I can't help but think that it's time to grow up and understand the enemy. We've got a Debt Star of $15 trillion clams because of these jokers. We got here by listening to their paid experts telling us that everything was under control.

Zooming out to the ultimate level, as a Christian, I realize that this world is very temporal. I also realize that the Enemy also knows this and is out to take out as many as he can before the Day of Wrath. There is an epic, epic battle between good and evil going on all around us. You bet your bottom he wants to depopulate us (Gen 3:15) and trash this planet before he gets evicted. The truth truly will set you free and I think that many of the resources I've listed will help you understand how the "powers that be" operate. They've only got two candidates running this election and I'll not be voting for either.

Both taste like malted battery acid
stolen from CL


  1. What is encouraging in watching the video are the number (majority) of young people in the crowds vs Romneys seem to be the old (Republican Party can do no wrong and if I only had a brain.) establishment crowd.
    The dirty tricks the Republican Party has pulled against Ron Paul is discussing and they want us to be loyal. That sword cuts both ways.

    1. The old GOP's days are numbered, which is encouraging and scary. Most of those kids in Ron Paul's crowds are conversant on the Fed, are aware of the NWO, and are totally desensitized to the whole L-R phony arguments. That's the encouraging part, but what happens when a tyrant looses his power? He gets ruthless in an attempt to maintain it. I hope the system doesn't try something to bring us under a more authoritarian "normal" in hopes of squashing the awakening we're seeing.

  2. this-is the reason I homeschooled my son-
    and I have a book in the computer-'someday' I'll publish! sub-titled- Why Are we Drugging Our Brightest and Best-

    I wrote the poem LUKEWARM - about Froggy early on in the last Pres election when the elites gave us mc cain--
    thank you for standing for truth-
    great take on our Gen Patton- BTW!!

    1. You know self-publishing is easier than ever on Amazon.
      Thanks for stopping by!


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