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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Delegate Count Far From Settled

Take a gander at this exclusive report from Ben Swann on the Josh Tolley Show. Notes on this clip follows:

Missouri - GOP operative Eugene Dokes admits to keeping Ron Paul people from taking the delegate slots, but he did it for the "greater good." Breaking the rules to "evenly distribute delegates among all the candidates". Uh, how are you suppose to win that way?

Maine - Precinct leaders refusing to record the vote talleys if Ron Paul won.

Alaska -  a faction is saying that the vote recorded is not the vote that was sent in.

North Dakota - ditto

Washington -  the Unity Slate-  delegates who will vote for anyone but Paul. This is a complete deviation from the rules.  (Ben reports that Paul is taking all the delegates in Washington & the RNC-GOP types are freaking out) Santorum people are upset because they are getting shut out along with Paul.

Rule 40 - you need to "win" five states to make it to the convention floor.
The fine print: Winning  is defined by a plurality of delegates in five states.


According to Ben Swann,  Ron Paul has the plurality of delegates in the following states:

Maine, Missouri, Washington, likely Alaska, Colorodo, Minnesota, Iowa

That's more than five states ya'll. The Establishment is totally freaking out. The only candidate here that will pull people from Obama will also shut down their whole machine, or at least turn public opinion against the machine by talking about the REAL issues in this country. Let's talk about race baiting and little side stories instead. Please, oh please, don't listen to those "krazy" libertarians.  Their days are numbered and they know it.


  1. What the heck are they (GOP) so afraid of? Romney has it, they are stupid to try to deny Ron Paul a place at the convention. They NEED libertarians and conservatives who support Paul to back the GOP nominee and God knows they cannot afford for anyone to stay at home on election day.

  2. At the very top of the GOP pyramid are bankster boys who really don't care if Mitt or Obama wins because they know that it really makes no difference. The agenda toward socializing America will march forward either way.


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