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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thirty Years - Grassroots video

This is a grassroots video which is done better than some of the other campaigns professional ones. It really is humorous to hear "Ron Paul can't win" when all of the other candidates are trying to sound just like him. But I don't like his foreign policy! How much do you know about the money changing hands in that area, really? If it's 25% of the Federal budget, then you know that there is going to be graft. Ron Paul sits there in Congress, without lobbyists bothering him because they know its pointless, and he sees who's giving to whom. He sits on the House Intelligence Committee and gets the reports and then has the audacity to recite what they say to the people. Because what they say puts a crinkle in the world's most profitable business, it's just easier to smear him as naive and stupid about the "dangers". Anyway, I thought this was some good editing:


  1. It's like a Ron Paul impersonation contest isn't it? I like what Doug Wead wrote:

    "Do any of the other candidates really believe we should now start a war with Iran to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons? As John Derbyshire pointed out in his piece in the National Review, “Which Republican candidate advocates such a course of action? If the answer is ‘none’ [which of course it is], then what, in effect, is the difference between Dr. Paul’s Iran politics and that of Romney, Bachmann, Perry, and the rest?” Other than the phony rhetoric and demagoguery? Not a hill of beans.

    Iran’s neighbors, China, Pakistan, Russia, and Israel all have nuclear weapons. And that Israel is well able to take care of itself. Thirty years ago, June 7, 1981, in Operation Opera, Israel took out Iran’s developing nuclear program. That was at time when American presidents were not dictating what Israel could or could not do.

    Paul would end American veto power of Israel and let them have its own foreign policy. He points out the absurdity of giving $ 3 billion of aid to Israel $12 billion to its avowed enemies. We are funding both sides."

  2. That's a Great video. I hope that gets some serious visible air time.


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