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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Rick Perry Loves Illegal Immigration

 Update: Jumped the gun on the word free, apparently the deal was just instate tuition. Sometimes I get carried away!

Here's a blast from the past featuring Mexican President Vicente Fox in 2003 publicly thanking Rick Perry for signing legislation that would give illegal aliens from Mexico free instate tuition at the Texas state college of their choice.

Isn't that swell?

Fact is, Rick Perry for his entire tenure as Texas Governor, has worked overtime to practically erase our borders. When you factor in his relationship with these one-world elitists, it makes complete sense.

Rick Perry is:
All Perry has to do to erase the fact that he used to be a card-carrying leftist himself (TX campaign manager of pro-abort/huge gov/entitlement Al Gore) is mention succession and talk about being "fed up" with leftists. The big neocon "conservative" mouthpieces just have to repeat Perry's rhetoric and talk him up and we out here in Red State America are supposed to just lap it up and bark like seals. Hate to tell you guys, but the man's record is all over the internet and can be punched up by anyone. If Perry does announce his presidential ambitions, I predict a growing number of bloggers are going to be on him like white on rice.

Our government is full of congenital lying psychopaths, ok? Just assume that everyone in politics is lying, fact-check them all, and you'll be well on your way to help restoring our country.


  1. I think he will tank, but I worry he will take supporters away from Bachman.

  2. Its all very fluid right now, Bachman is going to have to answer for TARP and why she keeps renewing the Patriot Act, which is increasingly being turned toward us.

  3. I would like to see the research behind your assertions. For instance, I have heard Rick Perry say that he thinks a fence would be ineffective and he would prefer a staffed border and drones. Can you provide a link to his statement supporting anchor babies?

  4. According The Monitor based out of the Rio Grande Valley, this was taken from a speech that Rick Perry gave some time ago and has scrolled off of their site. But this excerpt was saved on a blog that I linked to:

    "Instead, he wants the federal government to establish a guest-worker program that will allow the government to track workers, he said."

    Anchor baby issue here:
    ...Perry was asked after his speech whether it was a good or bad idea to do away with citizenship as a birthright [via proposed Texas legislation].

    "I think any of those types of legislation that create divisions are bad," he said. "We need to look at ways to be bringing people together rather than driving wedges between them."

    So the "research" is really just what Rick Perry said in a speech and then afterwards to a reporter.

    Yes, a "great wall of Texas" fence is not a realistic plan, but ignoring immigration as Rick Perry as effectively done and only talking about it at election time (combined with leasing out our sovereign infrastructure) tells you he is really a citizen of the world, no matter what he's saying now. TPTB lie. all. the. time.


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