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--Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

Monday, April 29, 2013

A Noble Lie : OKC 1995

Definitely worth watching, lots of eyewitness testimony that was shut out of the sanitized version of the story. A police officer was murdered, but his death cert. says suicide of course. A grand jury member was denied his right to evidence. The ATF carried out lots of files for destruction. Side note: the Whitewater Clinton stuff was stored in that building. Amazing work on the part of Oklahoma patriots who just wouldn't let it go. Thanks to the makers of this film for getting their story out.


  1. This a good documentary.
    But, none of the info was new to me.
    I saw videos of the local reporters on the scene, describing everything, about the search and rescue postponed due to teams disarming and removing more objects.
    Other reporters were found later iced because of freak accidents.
    If you remember the post a while back, comments between Annon and me, and I posted II Peter about cursing children--then Sandy Hook.
    This too was transferring sympathy from Mount Carmel to Ok.
    Tim MacV was said by all his army buds to be the "Good Soldier" and the one who you wanted beside you in a conflict --or fox hole/trenches.
    A friend and I saw that info - Maybe Niteline..., I asked my friend What does a good soldier do? And he replyed --follow orders.
    The little town in Texas - West, Tex. last month is proof that what happened in Ok was not the same as what happened in West, Tex.
    The towns football field was used to hold the wounded--but had to move everyone because of the BAD AIR from the event - less than a quarter of a mile away; and rescue helicopters could not fly in the area due to BAD AIR.
    I also saw a video made by a couple in NY - the same level that the planes hit the Twin towers. The second plane hit and the girl said that that was a military plane and the video was blacked out, then the building fell and she started sobbing and cried those poor people--and her husband had to take over, and the dust started to take them over as she yelled what were they to do. they survived and posted the Video and described that they started not to upload--but just had to.
    Later I looked for that Vid (BY URL) I booked marked and could not find it --nothing--not "removed by author" or anything.

    1. Wow-so much stuff gets shoved down the memory hole.

  2. I remember a General from the Army Corps of Engineers-who had inspected the site and said that a truck bomb could not have caused the implosion as it happened--Just one of many 'cover-ups'--and that General was not heard from again..

    1. I think they mention his name in this film -can't remember it though.


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